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KOMEN Race for the Cure

HaysMed is a proud presenting sponsor for the KOMEN Race for the Cure.  Scheduled for Saturday, May 10 in Hays.

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Fast Track Open in ER

Fast Track in the ER is now available for people with minor illnesses and injuries.  Designed so you can Get In, Get Seen and Get On Your Way.

HaysHaysMed Launches Robotic Surgery With the da VinciĀ® Surgical System

Patient Comments

March 2014

Everyone in this facility goes out of their way to accommodate all my needs.  Everyone really cares about the patient.  This is the absolute best hospital I have ever been in and would recommend it to anyone.  The cafeteria has the best food and choices of all of them and are not afraid to feed you.  I can’t even snap my jeans after 4 days.  Very nice!

January 2014

Had real awesome care from all personnel.  Great hospital.  Lucky to have such great medical care in our community.  Thank You.

My stay was first rate in every way.  Obviously, no one wants to be hospitalized but the staff was caring, compassionate and very kind at a time when I was overwhelmed and confused.  If I had questions, all staff members did their best to answer me immediately or promised to hunt up an answer.  Frankly, I don’t see how you could improve much on perfection.

I was a heart patient at your facility.  I had wonderful care from everyone.  I would not even look for any other hospital to go to.  Keep up the good work and terrific care, HaysMed!

December 2013

This whole staff of HaysMed is just awesome.  Cannot think of anyone or anything that was not superb.  This place is super awesome!  From ER and up.  Your doctors are also great.  Some places could learn from HaysMed.  Just remember you are all super awesome!  And I thank each and every one of you.  Keep up the great work. 

We appreciated the care and attitudes of the nurses and doctors.  Everyone was polite and if we had questions, they would answer them to the best of their ability.  We also liked the cleanliness of the hospital in general.  Thank you for your great care!

This is absolutely the best hospital I have ever been in.  Everyone here is so kind and considerate.  Everyone is so genuinely concerned about how I feel and if I need anything at all.  I honestly have never had such wonderful people caring for me.  God bless you all!

I would like to thank everyone who cared for me.  Everyone went out of their way to see that I was well cared for and comfortable.  I don’t remember ever being this cared for anywhere I’ve ever been.  It was like being around caring family the whole time.  Thank You.

November 2013

We think HaysMed is top notch!  The doctors, nurses, all staff are wonderful.  Thank you for such a great hospital.

This is an awesome place to be when a person is sick and needs help.  The staff is excellent.  Drs, nurses, as well as the maintenance and cleaning people.  They are just great.

I just wanted you to know you have the most friendly doctors I have ever had.  They show that they really care, to me that means a lot.  I wish there was more that way in this world.  Yes, the nurses were great too, I can’t say enough about your hospital.  Thank you all so much.   God bless you all.

I wanted to take a moment her to applaud the truly remarkable and sincere care my father has received since being admitted as a patient.  Every person I have witnessed attending to his needs has been professional in their demeanor and caring in their approach; and while Dad can present a bit of a cartarkerous problem with his independent attitude of seeking to do things for himself, every nurse, every nurses aide, every soul who has entered his room for whatever purpose has been respectful, which I believe will change my dads perception from being admitted to the hospital in the future.  I know this experience has certainly changed mine.


October 2013

This was one of the best hospital stays ever.  The nursing staff is super attentive and prompt.  Everyone shows genuine concern and caring.

I was a little worried about coming here.  I’ve always went to Wichita but you people treated me with respect and all the nurses were very knowledgeable about my problem.  Very kind nurses and aids and just everybody was super.  You were so good that I am changing my heart care to here from now on.  I thank you very much and the doctors were very good in their care.  Thank you all.

I feel that HaysMed is an awesome hospital and all their staff from the lady at admissions to the nurses and doctors are great.

I’m sorry I can’t remember all the names but your staff here that worked with me is exceptional.  Marcie was a jewel but they were all sweet and helpful very caring.  If this had to happen I feel blessed that I was brought here.  Thank all of your staff that was with me.

September 2013

This is a great place to be able to come instead of going to Wichita, KS or Denver!

The facility and staff is exceptional.  My husband has been in several hospitals over the last 20 years and we did get good care.  However, you staff is the true difference.  Every single one from the nurses, docs, lab techs, aides, kitchen have such a positive, cheery attitude and have answered all of our questions very well.  The atmosphere here makes a serious and scary experience a little better.  A nurses hug gave me that little extra assistance I needed so badly – thank you Robin in ICU!!  Even though we are from Abilene I will recommend this wonderful facility to anyone who asks.  Keep up the great job.

We were shipped from Leoti, KS to Hays!  What a blessing to have the nurse we did on that night, as she remembered us from a year ago!  She jumped into action making sure he was comfortable.  She got his pain under control and did what needed to be done always with a wonderful and caring and professional attitude.  Please thank Gayla and the nursing staff on Peds.

Everyone on 3rd floor has been wonderful to me while I've been in the hospital.  I would not hesitate one minute to recommend this hospital to anyone.

All staff has been very thoughtful and very efficient.  We are very thankful for such a wonderful caring place!

August 2013

I have had the best care at Hays Medical Center.  The doctors and nurses are great and have treated me with such compassion and respect.  Thank you so much.

I was treated like Royalty.  They were all so good to me and professional.  They bent over backwards to get all my requests taken care of.  My daughter was very pleased with everything and we so appreciated her being able to stay in my room.  My God reward each and every one of you.

We were so relieved when we observed 1st hand how you were caring for our daughter.  Dr. Biring and his staff met with the family and politely answered all our questions.  As we were in the room the nurses and physical therapists also answered our questions and calmed any concerns we had.  Your facility and staff are all 5 star.  Even the front desk has actually led us to the area more than once.  I spoke with Carla and Jessica when she was first admitted .  You have made a very uncomfortable position bearable.  Thank you all.

From Dr. Curtis when I saw him in Wakeeney to Dr. Fisher who performed the surgery and all others involved in my care here at HMC, let me just say how caring and delightful they have been to me.  We all need to be thankful that we have a facility as nice as this one in our area.

July 2013

Everyone was very courteous and the hospitality is amazing.  The stay was very comfortable for all of us and I appreciate that all of my concerns were taken care of.  Love this hospital and staff!

The care I received during my stay here at HMC was excellent.  I couldn't have asked for a better group of nursing people even if I would have picked them myself.  Thanks to everyone!  What a great place to get well in.

Everyone at HaysMed is great.  From the receptionist to the nurses, the therapists, doctors and even the clening - you are all wonderful.  Not only do you show care and concern for the patient but also for the family.  We truly feel at home here.  Keep up the good work!

Going to the hospital is never a good thing, but I will have to say my experience here has been very good.  Working in healthcare myself I understand and experience things as a worker rather than a patient.  Now, being the patient I must say I am very impressed with this facility.  I was treated with respect and understanding and all the staff gave excellent, professional care.  You have openend my eyes to an exceptional hospital which, if ever needed, I would be a patient again without question.  Thank you to all your staff from doctors to dietary - techs, nurses, CNAs and supportive staff.  You are all doing a great job!  Kansas is very lucky to have a facility of this high standards and quality in healthcare.  Keep up the good work and again, thank you so much.

June 2013

We are very, very, very thankful to all your staff.  My mother had her right kidney removed and we were here for five days.  All the nurses were very nice.  Caleigh, Brittany and all the aides too.  Michele in particular brought us cots and towels and anything we needed.  Everyone was very nice and very helpful.  Your cleaning personnel on Sunday evening was very nice and helpful.  Your cafeteria staff who brought up food for mom was always very nice as well.  Thank you for everything.  I hope you and your staff keep up the excellent work.

I want to say this is the first hospital that I have stayed in that every single staff member delivered excellent care the whole entire stay.  This facility runs like a well oiled machine.  Thanks for such excellent care.  Excellent Job!

Excellent care.  Courteous and caring.  We can tell staff truly enjoys their job and will go the extra mile to make the patient comfortable and meet their needs.  Good Job.

How many ways can we say THANK YOU!  Every staff members was totally professional, extremely helpful in every way.  We were stranded and even the security guard helped us to a hotel.  We joked about rural America but you were the best!  The world needs to know about Hays, KS and this medical staff." 

May 2013

I cannot express the level of care and compassion that I received from your center.  The level of knowledge and communication is surpassed by none.  The level of compassion and understand was superior.  They all took time to make me understand what happened to me and explained it as well to my wife.  I am moving to the area and I have NO concerns about the level of care I will receive in the future.  I must share that the overall care was beyond what I could have expected.  Jessie was so attentive and always asked what I needed before I was even ready.  She made my stay easier than you can know.  She made our stay as pleased as one could have expected. All of the doctors, nurses, staff including room service has a higher standard of excellence than any other hospital I have ever experienced!

This is the most professional and human nursing and assist staff I have ever encountered.  I cannot imagine a finer group of people to be taken care of at a time that seems to be some of the worst times of our lives.  Thank you girls! 

None of us want to be in a hospital but the nurses, aides and other supporting staff was very pleasant, friendly, supportive and helpful.  I was very thankful for their help.  The people that I dealt with were "top of the line."  The food and food service was very good and very accommodating.

The staff was excellent, they helped me every time I needed them.  The nurses were awesome and the doctors were great.  They do their job well and I am 1,000% satisfied.  I was in good hands with them all.

Food service is excellent!  Nurses were friendly, courteous and gave immediate attention.  Everyone and everything was neat and clean.  We would recommend this hospital and staff!

Everyone was totally awesome!  Thank you to all my nurses, aides and doctors who had the patience to put up with me.  Thank you!  I owe you my life!

My father had a heart attack Monday and was admitted to the DeBakey Heart Institute @ HMC.
I lived in Hays until 1997, but now live in Topeka.  After hearing of my dad's condition I headed to Hays. My children were actually born at the old St. Anthony's hospital. (now HMC), but I'd not been in the facility for probably twenty years.

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I was with the hospital, and especially the heart institute. That is one, top –notch facility!   ………and the staff there, caring for my father, was superb to match. What a wonderful thing it is for Hays to have such a fine hospital.   I cannot say enough about how well we were treated. Dr. Markiewicz did the procedure and Dr. Davis was the attending physician.   Both were fabulous, but Dr. Davis was so gentle and caring toward my dad.   That meant a lot to all of us.
Our nurses were all wonderful, especially Lacy on the first evening. Many, many kudos to ALL.

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