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HaysMed Working for Health Options

HaysMed working for healthy options

Published on -1/27/2012
Hays Daily News

Beginning Monday, Hays Medical Center will ask Ellis County residents to complete a community health needs assessment to help address future health care needs.

The hospital, with the help of Olathe-based research firm VVV Research and Development Inc., will mail out a survey to 2,000 randomly selected county residents.

Questions on the survey deal with everything from quality of health care in the community, diet and exercise to satisfaction with child care and availability of specialties such as dentistry and eye care, according to Shae Veach, vice president of regional operations at HaysMed.

The survey is not just about Hays-Med's perception or contribution to the community, but rather health care and well being in the community at large.

"Within our own communities, we all own a certain aspect of it, and it takes all of us to make the right decisions in the community that we serve," Veach said.

The assessment is a new requirement under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in order for the hospital to maintain its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Assessments are required every three years.

Veach said the last formal assessment such as this was completed in the mid-1990s.

"The data will be taken, compiled and we'll be conducting some focus groups the first of March with various leaders in the community," Veach said.

A final report will be made available to the community, and potential partnerships among HaysMed and other community organizations could be born out of the results of the assessment.

Surveys must be completed and returned by Feb. 15. For residents who do not receive a survey in the mail, one will be available at the hospital's information desks in the Miller Medical Pavilion Entrance B and Main Entrance C, as well as at the Center for Health Improvement. The survey also will be available at www.haysmed.com/communitybenefit.