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Weight Loss Program Makes Change

Hays Daily News

Published on -12/2/2011

Pound Plunge, in its five years of existence, was a popular weight loss program for local residents. And while it was a success, the Center for Health Improvement at Hays Medical Center has decided it's time for a change --  and a new focus.

Beginning Jan. 5, KickStart will give individuals, not teams, an opportunity to lose weight through healthy exercise programs, nutrition classes and other activities.

"The focus isn't so much on the scale," said Stephanie Schaffer, fitness director at CHI.

"We really wanted to change the focus, make it a little more of a healthier lifestyle that can be sustained for a longer period of time."

KickStart is a free, 10-week program. Group exercise classes will be offered at various times during the day and week throughout the program.

Schaffer said there will be modifications for varying fitness levels for individuals participating in the classes.

Other features of the new program include grocery tours with CHI dietitians, healthy cooking classes, walking groups and presentations.

On four Sundays during the program, family activities will be offered in the CHI gym.

The program runs through March 15. CHI is planning a KickStart 5K walk/run March 17 for individuals who complete the program and want the opportunity to complete their first 5K.

Participants' weight and fitness levels will be recorded at the beginning of the program, but weekly weigh-ins, such as those in Pound Plunge, will not be required. The only other weigh-in will be at the end of the program.

"We have an online journal that will be accessible to participants," Schaffer said. "They can use it to record their cholesterol levels, blood pressure levels, weight, exercise activity, the food they're eating, and have access to the wellness coaches to type them questions."

With every activity completed, participants will earn incentive points, which can translate to prizes during program.

A KickStart key tag will be issued to all participants at their initial weigh-in. The tag will keep track of incentive points.

Registration is under way and continues through the start of the program Jan. 5.

"We just wanted to excite the community in a little different way, a little bit healthier way," Schaffer said.

For more information and to register online, visit www.thecenter.haysmed.com/kickstart.