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Bootcamp Crazy

Bootcamp 'crazy' for participants

Hays Daily News
February 14, 2012

There was constant movement in the Center for Health Improvement gym Monday night with world-renowned fitness expert Mindy Mylrea leading a bootcamp class.

The "Crazy Combo Bootcamp" was just that --  crazy. As part of the Center for Health Improvement's 10-year anniversary celebration, Mylrea gave presentations to encourage fitness as part of everyday life.

Mylrea said activities throughout the day, such as taking the stairs, setting up a workstation that's not convenient or doing a series of squats by sitting down and standing up, can help improve physical activity levels.

"All these little things absolutely add up," Mylrea said. "And if you think that you can't dedicate an hour to fitness every day or if you can't eat exactly the right things, that you can get a start --  you can start at any level."

Meanwhile, Monday night's class saw a variety of participants --  Hays Medical Center staff, individuals participating in the center's KickStart health program and other community members looking for a workout.

That they got. From swimming motions and jumping jacks to push ups and tossing a medicine ball, Mylrea kept class participants moving --  one of the first ways to begin an exercise regimen.

"You don't have to have a lot of time. That's the biggest thing," Mylrea said. "I have a program that you do six minutes every morning. It starts the day, gets you all revved up for the day."

The program was funded in part by the Hays Medical Center Foundation. The foundation also will sponsor a presentation by Joe Piscatella at 7 p.m. Feb. 21 in the center gymnasium.