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Wind Sculptures Dedicated to Honor Dreilings

HAYS, Kansas (June 28, 2012)— Soon, visitors to HaysMed will notice something different in the landscape.  Six wind sculptures will be installed in the next few weeks throughout the HaysMed campus thanks to contributions from the Hadley Foundation, HaysMed Volunteers, the HaysMed Foundation and the Medical Center.  At a news conference on Thursday, the sculptures were dedicated in honor of Leo and Albina Dreiling.

Dr. John Jeter, President and CEO of HaysMed, recognized the impact the Dreilings'generosity had on healthcare in the region. 

"Ever proponents of quality healthcare, Leo and Albina Dreiling contributed more than 100 acres on which St. Anthony Hospital was built in 1972," stated Jeter. "They were a kind and philanthropic couple who made a tremendous difference in so many ways in our region."

HaysMedical Centerwas formed following the merger of the St. Anthony and Hadley hospitals in 1991. 

Jeter also announced that the Leo and Albina Dreiling Charitable Trust had made a commitment of $500,000 to the HaysMed Foundation capital campaign, Beyond Medicine.

Joe Hess with the Dreiling Charitable Trust and Kraig Gross, grandson of the Dreilings, spoke about the Dreilings' dedication to western Kansas and their generosity.

"What I remember most about my grandfather was that he was always working. He believed in hard work and set an example for all, including his family," stated Gross. "I have always believed that their generosity was due to their own realization that they were blessed with good fortune and wanted to share it with the community. The Catholic church, education and healthcare were three of their primary causes."