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The Center for Health Improvement Receives National Accreditation

The Center for Health Improvement is First in Kansas
Earn National Medical Fitness Facility Certification

Hays Kansas (September 19, 2011) – The Center for Health Improvement at HaysMed announced today that is has become a certified medical fitness facility by the Medical Fitness Association, the country's leading organization dedicated solely to medically integrated outcomes and accountability based fitness facilities. This certification is a significant step forward in the health of the entire community and to the individuals taking responsibility for their personal healthcare.

"This certification truly set us apart from the rest and defines who we are as a medical fitness facility", says Stephanie Schaffer, Fitness Director.  "The medical fitness model is unique in the fact that we integrate many services and have established ourselves as a part of the hospitals continuum of care while working closely with the healthcare providers; to our qualified staff and finally with our involvement within the community.  We are so fortunate to have the first and only nationally certified facility in the state of Kansas."

This program is the first and only certification offered specifically to facilities in the medical fitness industry—an industry that serves over 4 million members worldwide. Based on the Medical Fitness Association's naturally recognized official Standards and Guidelines for Medical Fitness Facilities, the certification process involves an in-depth review of a facility's adherence to the prescribed standards and guidelines. The certification process is an integral part of ensuring that facilities provide the quality and safety of the programs and services that are necessary to meet the vital role that medical fitness centers perform. The Medical Fitness Association Facility Certification is recognized as a mark of excellence in the health and wellness industry.

The Center for Health Improvement opened its doors 10 years ago to the community with the mission "To Help People Get Well Sooner and Stay Well Longer."  This approximately 92,000 square foot facility houses two floors of fitness, aquatic facility, gymnasium, juice bar, play center and several outpatient services including Cardiopulmonary Rehab, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Sleep and Neurodiagnostics , Southwind Surgical, Graystone Cosmetics and the Orthopedic clinic.  "These departments as well as many others help us complete the medical fitness model and has enable us over the past ten years to transform passive patients into empowered individuals, Schaffer says."

The Center will be celebrating the certification the week of September 26 – October 1.  There will be special activities for members and HaysMed Associates.  On Saturday, October 1 the public is invited to come and join the group fitness instructors in the gymnasium and lap pool for a morning full of exciting classes for all fitness levels.  There is no charge and anyone is welcome.  For more information call 623-5900.