Athletic Edge

Summer 2014:  June 2 - July 24
Monday - Thursday - 8 weeks
Time Slots:  8 am - 10 am ** 10 am - Noon** 1 pm - 3 pm
Winter 2015:  January 5 - March 14
10 Weeks
Monday  and Thursday - 6pm - 8 pm
Saturday - 1pm - 3pm

contact Shawn Landers, or 785-623-6369 if there are any questions.

As a unique performance enhancement program, Athletic Edge is designed to deliver a positive training experience that improves speed, strength, and enhances athletic ability regardless of ability level.

The first day of the program each participant is given a performance evaluation. The results help staff develop a customized workout designed specifically to determine areas for improvement in any one of the individual programs.

Who is a candidate?
From athletes 10 years old all the way up through college, the Athletic Edge has allowed athletes to improve their athletic performance and develop a higher level of self-confidence.

If you are willing to dedicate time and energy to get faster, jump higher, or build strength, then the Athletic Edge is Western Kansas' number one choice to get you there

Beginning with 2 athletes in 2002, Athletic Edge programs have grown to year-round training for area athletes. In eight years, Athletic Edge enhancement programs have grown to offer year-round sessions and over 300 participants. A large number of those athletes used their improvements to earn varsity playing time, starting roles, or an appreciation for regular exercise. More than 25 athletes have gone on to compete collegiately, even at the Division 1 level, in a variety of sports including football, basketball, track, and soccer. Last year, over 60 athletes benefited from the hands on, individualized programs that HPSM offers.


$150 for Program 1 (No weight training, first hour gym workout only)
$225 for Program 2 (Full 2 hour program, gym plus individualized weights program)

*We also offer a sibling discount. The first child pays full price, each additional child would receive a $25.00 savings from the total cost.

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