Celebrate Bariatric Vitamins

Bariatric vitamins are highly recommended for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. With Hays Medical Center's Bariatric Surgery Program thriving, Medical Pavilion Pharmacy offers Celebrate Bariatric Vitamins to patients who have undergone these procedures. Due to the stresses that occur during surgery and the various physiological changes that result from the procedure, supplementation with vitamins and minerals is necessary to provide proper healing and maintain good health. Regular adult or children's multivitamins do not effectively meet the needs of bariatric patients. Celebrate products were designed specifically to meet the requirements of these patients and make supplementation easy. All their ingredients have the highest bioavailabilities to ensure great absorption. They come in capsules or chewable tablets which are flavored in order to serve both as a vitamin supplement and a tasty treat.

Celebrate Supplement options include:

  • Multi-vitamin:  capsule - $15.95 (90 ct.)

Listed quantities provide thirty days of treatment. For more information on Celebrate Vitamins, visit their website.