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Cameron Williby, APRN-C         Diana Staley, APRN-C                
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Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute

Welcome to the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute at HaysMed.  We value each patient as being unique and special. We are here to serve you and those involved in your care by providing customized treatments for your physical condition, while also offering support for your overall well-being.

The purpose of this website is to guide you through your journey. Here you can learn how our team collaborates to deliver advanced care through compassionate and comprehensive treatment and symptom management. We do this while offering hope and improving quality of life

What's Behind Our Name

Patient Testimonials

July 2014

How do you improve the best?  Keep on doing what you are doing now!  Kudos to Dr. Prasad and the staff!

Everyone made me feel special which helped me through.  Thanks and God bless you all!

All of the visits have been pleasant.  My family and myself were very impressed with the staff – they all gave exceptional care.

June 2014

I was in the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute while a family member was getting chemo.  I am very impressed with the facility and the nurses that work here.  I can’t pick out just one particular nurse because they are all great.  Please get them high honors and keep up the good work!

April 2014

Everything works great.  Always willing to accommodate you in any way possible. 

Brenda, the receptionist for Rad Onc, goes out of her way to do things for you and does it all with a smile and a friendly attitude.

December 2013

Everyone was exceptional and worked as a team.

Everyone here makes you feel like you are a part of their family.  The teamwork is excellent!  The positive attitudes are great!

I think the doctors and all the girls that treated me were just the best.

All the staff was exceptional in their individual capacities.

October 2013

We love this department, the staff and the care.  Very compassionate. 

August 2013

The Oncology Dept here is exceptional!  My husband could not have received better care anywhere.  They were thoughtful and adjusted to any special circumstances we had.  I would like to name a few names that should be praised.  Dr. Prasad, Andrea, Brenda, Camille, and Stephanie.  It's a shame you have to be sick to meet such a nice group of professional people!  Thank You!

July 2013

Dr. Prasad, Mary, Andrea, Melissa, Brenda and Jamie have been excellent?  Very professional and yet personal.  I feel like an important person here.

June 2013

Melissa and Jessica – Radiation Therapists, do a great job every day with a smile and gentle care. 

You are doing a great job, keep up the good work and you're staff are excellent

May 2013

Accommodations were readily made when appointment needed to be changed.

A special thanks to radiation therapist for support and daily care throughout treatment.

With my 43 radiation treatments I can't find anything I could improve.  It is a caring and very efficient operation.

Each nurse, doctor and staff were courteous, friendly and informative.  I appreciated each and every one of them. 
Dr. O'Dea and Dr. Prasad are exceptional.

March 2013

Everyone did a nice job and went out of their way to work around scheduling during bad weather.
Andrea and Melissa were always friendly and caring which made a difficult time easier.  Brenda always greeted me with a friendly smile.  Stephanie was very helpful with my paperwork.