Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac rehabilitation is a cardiovascular risk reduction program of exercise and education. Your doctor will likely recommend joining a cardiac rehab program to help you return to better health after you've had a heart attack or medical procedure. The goals of cardiac rehabilitation include improving muscular and cardiovascular endurance as well as receiving education regarding reducing the risk of developing future heart problems.

Cardiac rehab at the Center for Health Improvement is comprised of individualized prescriptive exercise training, education, and counseling for patients with heart and vascular disease. Research demonstrates there are multiple benefits from cardiac rehab services including:

    Improvement in exercise tolerance
    Improvement in symptoms
    Improvement in blood lipids
    Reduction of stress
    Reduction in mortality

Our Multidisciplinary staff works with participants to improve cardiovascular health with exercises that increase aerobic capacity, muscle strength and flexibility.

Patient Comments

Dec 2014

All three of caregivers were the best.  Good training, caring, interested, thoughtful, very good.

Carmen was always happy, smiling, friendly and is great at her job in making people in Cardio Rehab comfortable.