2015 Athletic Testing Combine

2015 Athletic Testing Combine
Saturday, April 25
9:00 am - 11:00 am

Center for Health Improvement
2500 Canterbury Drive
Hays Kansas

Alternate Dates for those who can't make the April 25 date
Saturday, May 2
3:00 pm


Athletic Testing Combine

High Plains Sports Medicine's Athletic Testing Combine is one of the premier testing and evaluation programs in the state. Athletes have access to professional testing equipment and the expertise of nationally certified strength and conditioning specialists.

Based on the testing protocols of collegiate and professional programs, the Athletic Testing Combine was developed specifically for middle school and high school athletes to provide them with accurate and reliable information. The combine evaluates speed, agility, explosiveness, and power through a variety of standardized tests that correlate to athletic performance.

After testing is complete, athletes will receive an individualized athletic profile which includes their results, percentile ratings for each event, national averages for athletes their age as well as results for college and professional athletes. Coaches will also be sent a copy of their athletes' results. Each report is designed to provide valuable insight into current levels of performance, track improvement from year to year, or set goals for the future. In addition to those reports, the results of the testing are sent to colleges throughout the Midwest as a recruiting tool for area athletes.

The Athletic Testing Combine is a great way for athletes to compete against some of the state's best athletes, showcase their talents, and increase their exposure to college programs in the Midwest.