Community Benefit

Community benefits are programs or activities that provide treatment or promote health and healing as a response to identified community needs in such a way as to improve residents' access to health care services, enhance the health of the community, advance medical or health knowledge, or relieve/reduce the burden on government or other community efforts.
HaysMed's community benefits include education, charity care, subsidized health services, community health improvement activities and more.

Community Health Needs Assessment

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act set forth requirements that hospitals perform a Community Health Needs assessment every 3 years to determine health needs of the community. The needs assessment is a primary tool used to determine our community benefit plan, which outlines how we will give back to the community in the form of health care and other community services to address unmet community health needs. This report presents a summary that highlights the data findings, presents key needs and opportunities for action.  The findings of the assessment were presented and adopted by the HaysMed Board on June 29, 2015..

2015 Community Health Needs Assessment

Questions or comments about the 2015 Community Health Needs Assessment can be submitted here.