Medical Oncology & Chemotherapy

The Medical Oncology Department consists of medical oncology doctors and midlevel providers.  The oncology department also utilizes many different staff to maximize patient safety and comfort.  Pharmacist, nurses and nurses aids are involved in your care.  We see patients Monday through Friday in clinic and provide chemotherapy as well as consultations, second opinions and follow-up care.

"Chemotherapy" is the common name given to drugs designed to treat cancer.  The drugs can include IV therapy, pills taken by mouth or drugs administered other ways.  Often chemotherapy is given on a schedule, known as a "regimen."  Our goal is to make our patients as comfortable as possible during their chemotherapy treatment.   We give anti-nausea medications by IV and mouth.  We have dedicated treatment rooms with recliners and televisions.  If you have a computer, you can feel free to bring it as we have wireless access available.  

The medical oncology department also participates in the Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA).  By participating with the MCA, we provide access to clinic trials through University of Kansas.