Mobile Imaging Services

HaysMed Mobile Imaging Network: The Hays Imaging Center has a long history of sharing technology and technical expertise with healthcare practitioners in western Kansas and southern Nebraska. Imaging technologies that rural hospitals alone could not afford are regularly brought to rural primary care hospitals to provide the essential diagnostic imaging services to keep patients close to home and their family doctor. Digital Images are sent to HaysMed for interpretation from our radiologists of Radiology Associates of Hays and/or the cardiologists from the DeBakey Heart Institute.

Mobile imaging services from HaysMed include Ultrasound with Color Doppler and Mammography and Nuclear Medicine is limited to a stationary service at Pawnee Valley Community Hospital. Mammography is accredited by the American College of Radiology and is certified by the US Food and Drug Administration. Just as in the Hays Imaging Center, all mobile imaging services are supervised by Radiology Associates of Hays. Our mobile technical staff members are credentialed in radiologic technology and participate in continuing education so we continue to offer the latest techniques for Best Practice.

Name of Specialty Telephone # Location
Cardiac Nuclear Medicine Contact PVCH Larned – 2 times a month
Mobile Cardiovascular Screening ONE CALL 1.855.HAYSMED QUARTERLY:
Hill City
Mobile Echo "Only" Contact the local radiology department for an appointment


Mobile Mammography Contact the local hospital for an appointment

Atwood –every 4 weeks
Dighton - every 6 weeks
Franklin, NE – every 4 weeks
Hill City – every 3 weeks
Hoxie – every 4 weeks
Kinsley – every 4 weeks
LaCrosse– every 4 weeks
Larned – every 3 weeks
Leoti- every 12 weeks
Lakin-every 8 weeks
Oakley– every 3 weeks
Phillipsburg – every 3 weeks
Ransom – quarterly
Sharon Springs – every 8 weeks
St. Francis – every 4 weeks
Syracuse - every other month
Tribune – every 8 weeks

Mobile Ultrasound, Echo, Vascular Contact the local radiology department for an appointment

Atwood -weekly
Dighton - weekly
Hill City – twice a week
Hoxie - 2 times a week
Larned –3 times a week
Oakley – 2 times a week
Oberlin – weekly
Phillipsburg – twice a week
Ransom- weekly