Participant Feedback

What did you like about the Athletic Edge?
"I liked everything because it made me a better athlete."
"We got faster"
"Works you hard and improves my talents."
"Pushes me to be my best."
"I liked the personalized attention."
"Helps me with my form and starts, which are two areas I need the most improvement."
"It was always a challenge, yet was fun."
"Jamie and Shawn were fun and I learned as well."
"The competitions in the agility / running."
"I saw improvement in my speed and strength."
"Pretty much all of it, it makes me enjoy working out."
"I liked the trainers and workout program; liked how they specifically made my workout for me."
"The variety of different things we did and lifting weights."
"I liked that we got to work on stuff that we aren't good at."
"I liked learning how to run the right way."
"I liked working on the mechanics and getting better."
"I learned a lot of things about sprinting that I didn't know and I can use them in all sports."
"It was very challenging. It focused me on what I needed to do to get better at my sport"
"The Athletic Edge challenges athletes in every way."

Other comments, suggestions, and/or concerns
"I love Edge."
"Thank you"
"Thank you for the summer."
"Edge was a lot of fun."
"Keep up the good work."
"Thanks for the past 3 years, and everything."
"Thanks for an awesome summer."
"Thank you so much for working with me this summer, I had a great time; you guys made me look forward to working out."

Parent feedback and comments
"I liked the feeling of accomplishment my son felt."
"I felt the boys received more direction with appropriate weight lifting and running techniques. I know my son felt that you both took the time to answer questions he had."