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It is time to schedule those sports physicals! If your child is planning on participating, then they will need an exam and pre-participation physical forms done. In many cases we can do the well-child check and sports physical at the same time, but for others they may need to be separate. If you have questions about what your child needs, call and ask. But hurry! We have limited spots for well-child checks and sports physicals, so scheduling ahead of time is a plus!

Pre-participation forms for the state of Kansas can be downloaded at Pre-participation forms, make sure to fill out the health history prior to the exam.

As usual look for those mailings before your child's 9-month, 18-month, 2-year and 2 ½ year well-child checks. Fill out the MCHAT and/or ASQ questionnaires and we will talk about them at the visit!

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HaysMed Pediatrics was selected to participate in a new program through the AAP and United Nations Foundation! Shot@Life is an educational program to increase awareness of the importance of vaccines both here in the US and around the world. Did you know that every 20 seconds a child dies from a vaccine preventable disease? We can help give vaccines where they are most needed! Look for posters and information cards arriving in the office in July as well as printed band-aids! Ask any of our physicians or staff about more information.

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Summer is here!  There is all sorts of fun to be had.  And since most of that fun occurs in the sun, don't forget the sunscreen!  Use a broad spectrum sunscreen (UVA and UVB) with a minimum SPF of 15.  For western Kansas kids (all of us pediatricians agree), use a minimum SPF of 30.  You should apply sunscreen every 2 hours and after swimming.  Keep babies under the age of 6 months out of the direct sun and use sunscreen sparingly – avoid eyes and mouth and hands and feet! Sun Safety
Bugs….yeah….bugs.  Keep those buzzy, bitey creatures off your children with bug spray.  The most effective bug repellant is DEET.  Use sprays that contain 30% DEET or less.  Apply once a day to children 2 months of age or older.  Avoid products that contain both sunscreen and bug spray! Insect Repellants

HaysMed Pediatrics was selected to participate in a new program through the AAP and United Nations!


Childhood vaccines are arguably the most important health measure accomplished by modern medicine!  We can completely prevent many diseases that are disabling and fatal.  Click on the link below for the Pediatric Clinic Vaccine Schedule, and click on the vaccines for more information about each one!

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We love kids!  From birth to 18 years of age, we are dedicated to providing the best healthcare for your child using the latest research and most accurate information. 

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Swimming in local lakes, rivers and pools is a blast and a great way to beat the heat.  Practice water safety by setting a great example for the little ones to follow.  Always make sure that you wear appropriate personal flotation devices when out on the boat.  Approved devices can be found at the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.  

Learning to swim is important!  Consider swimming lessons for children.  A good age for starting lessons is 4 years old.  But kids younger than four can learn too!  Check the swimming lessons at the Center for Health Improvement or through the Hays Recreation Commission.

Keep backyard pools fenced and kiddie pools empty when not in use.  Keep toys away from pool areas.

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