Psychological Evaluation

About the Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluation
for Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a life changing surgery. As a result of surgery, people will be restricted to consumption of very small amounts of food for the rest of their lives. Specific food intake is quite restrictive as well. Patients who do not follow these restrictions are subject to painful and medically harmful consequences. Also, a marked increase in physical exercise is necessary to restore tone and help patients to maintain their weight loss following weight loss surgery.

A pre-surgical psychological evaluation includes determination of the patient's ability to understand explanations and instructions. It includes verification of adequate understanding of the procedure, risks of surgery, as well as important compliance and outcome factors. The adequacy and status of social/emotional support system is assessed as well. Psychosocial history and psychological testing are used to confirm the absence of psychological problems which could undermine understanding, compliance, and successful adaptation to bariatric surgery.

When people decide that they are ready for weight loss surgery, there is often a desire to complete the surgery as quickly as possible. In order to secure psychological and surgical approval, they may be tempted to downplay past psychiatric history or complicating personal situations and factors. People should understand that the goal of our team at Hays Medical Center Bariatric Services is to get everyone to surgery, which can ultimately benefit. A weight loss surgery should work to the person's advantage both in the long-term and short-term. However, people with important psychological contra-indications will not be immediately recommended for surgery until these concerns can be satisfactorily resolved or addressed. More commonly, patients with important psychological risks would be recommended for surgery contingent on concurrent treatment and monitoring of specific problems.

Therefore, the goal of treatment prior to surgery is to "prepare" people for the upcoming stressors and changes. It is crucial to your ultimate outcome to disclose your current psychological and social state, and to work with the mental health care provider performing your pre-surgical evaluation on a plan to prepare you for the stressors and successes which lie ahead.

To make an appointment for your psycological evaluation with Hays Psychological Associates call 1-785-623-6270. Also we recommend you check with your insurance company for benefit coverage regarding psychological evaluations.


Your Control = Fluid Intake + Protein Intake + Exercise

10 Rules to Ensure Long-Term Success

1. Eat three small meals per day.
2. Eat only good, solid food – protein first.
3. Eat slowly, sense fullness, and then stop.
4. No eating between meals – drink a protein shake instead.
5. Drink NO liquids with your meals.
6. Exercise at least 30 minutes each day.
7. Consume your protein!
8. Drink plenty of water – MINIMUM of 64 ounces a day.
9. Take your vitamin/mineral supplements religiously.
10. Get the support that you need from friends/family/groups. Develop your own personal relapse prevention plan.