Dreiling Schmidt Radiation Oncology

Dr. Prasad
Radiation Therapy

The Radiation Oncology Department consists of Dr. Babu Prasad, MD who see patients along with the treating therapist.  Our radiation oncology department also utilizes the services of medical dosimetrists, medical physicist, nurses and support staff.  Radiation therapy is a specialized type of treatment in cancer utilizing different types of radiation to treat cancer at a local level.  Our radiation oncology department is the proud owner of a radiation machine that can give intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) if recommended.  This type of treatmentcan greatly minimize side effects to normal tissue.  As well, radiation therapy can be given in combination with chemotherapy (another multidisciplinary approach).

HaysMed obtained Image Guided Radiation Therapy in 2007 and was among the first medical centers in the state to do so. A CT scanner is built into the radiation equipment, enabling the radiation therapists to ensure the treatment is hitting the tumor, even if it has shifted locations. IGRT allows very high doses of radiation delivered directly to the target and minimizing harm to healthy tissues.