Inpatient Rehabilitation

2220 Canterbury Drive
Hays, Kansas 67601
785.650.2752 or 785.650.2774
Admission Coordinators:
Joyce Mattison, MSN RN
Stephanie Stahl, BSN, RN
  In-Patient Rehabilitation at Hays Medical Center

HaysMedicalCenter's Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit helps people recover from and live with disabling physical and neurological conditions. Our goal is to rehabilitate people to the highest level of independence they can reach.

The Inpatient Rehabilitation program focuses on patients who can benefit from an intensive regimen of therapy. Patients receive up to three hours of therapy per day, five days per week, from our physical, occupational and speech therapists. On average patients stay in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program for 12-14 days. Most patients return home upon discharge, others may require continued support at an assisted living facility, a skilled nursing facility or a swing bed.

Special features include rooms with overnight sleeping accommodations for one family member. We also have a special transitional living apartment that simulates a home environment where patients can 'test' their skills before returning home.

Patient Comments

August 2013

The care in the Rehab Unit cannot be exceeded.  My mom is very satisfied as is our whole family.  They could not have been more caring, kind or helpful.  I wish I could name each individually but I know we would miss someone and I wouldn't want to do that.  I never felt uneasy leaving – I always felt sure she would be well taken care of.  I cannot thank you enough!

May 2013

We enjoyed every nurse, PT/OT, cleaning, food service, respiratory, etc.  All those who worked with him in this rehab dept.  They were very efficient, most friendly and very good caregivers.

April 2013

We are very happy with the care we received at HaysMed.  He required a lot of assistance and no one ever made him feel like he was wasting their time or being a bother.  Thank you very much.

February 2013

Janice, Connie, Rachel, Patti, Susan, Brooke, Alicia and many others were very helpful.  It was nice that they all had positive and upbeat attitudes and caring personalities.  They helped a lot in problem solving ideas for when I return home.

This is our second stay on Rehab.  Once again, we couldn't have had a more positive experience.  Everyone was just awesome and so friendly and positive.  OT and PT were great.  Ron is walking so much better and even dressing himself is easier.  Discharge planning was a great help esp Stephanie and Amy.  Special thanks to Susan, Janice, Anna, Rachelle, Patti, Connie, Lindsey and Brooke for your great care and patience!  I'm sure I'm missing someone so thanks to everyone who cared for Ron.

January 2013

Both the OT and PT who visited my mother this morning were exceptionally professional, thorough, kind and patient.  They seemed genuinely concerned for her wellness and remembered her from a previous hospital stay.  Very efficient and thorough to work with life skills as as assessment - toilet, hygiene, etc. Very please - thank you!

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Biring and his PA Nichole, the nurses in ICU, Pam and the rest in RT< OT and PT.  Everyone was fantastic and we cannot praise or thank them enough.