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Outpatient Rehabilitation Services
The outpatient rehabilitation services at the Center for Health Improvement are committed to giving patients the best, personalized care possible. Our outpatient staff consists of highly qualified professionals from a variety of health care fields. These include physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, athletic trainers, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and speech-language pathologists. This allows patients the opportunity to work with clinicians with specific knowledge and skills to best treat their individual injuries and disorders.

Our rehabilitation team specializes in treating function impairments ranging from sports and recreational injuries, post-surgical repairs, musculoskeletal disorders, arthritis, joint replacements, amputations, myofascial syndromes and chronic pain disorders to stroke, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, vertigo and other balance/vestibular disorders.

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Low Vision Program
Lymphedema Program
Out-Patient Rehabilitation Facilities
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Patient Testimonials

April 2015

Deb. Bob, Melissa, and Teresa were all good to me. Teresa was so good to encourage me to keep up with the exercises at home.

Kelly was awesome! The humor kept my mind off of pain.

The hand room is a great set up.

Absolutely no complaints. Debi took me through excellent exercises, mixed in Ultrasound/TENS with ice, got me off of Oxycodone and moved me progressively through Nautilus/pulley exercises. Front desk staff was awesome.

The entire staff has been great to work with these past 2 ½ months. I appreciate their efforts and patience. Twila and Shelby are great to work with, very helpful. Joyce Rupp has been outstanding to work with. My sincere thanks to Whitney, Bob, and Kelly, great employees.

Lindsey is professional, kind, explains carefully, and is encouraging. Her expertise shows!

All staff was kind and very helpful! They gave me exercises and showed me ways to support my knee and maintain my abilities with my career and future career goals. Very informative!



March 2015

I specifically requested to come to CHI PT because of the great results I had gotten in the past. The staff here is very good. Love their professionalism and friendliness.

Deb Cook was great to work with even with all of my complex problems

I felt that everyone was on the same page and I didn’t feel rushed as PT is hard. Brett and Carrie were really great and helpful and compassionate.

Since I had no experience in therapy the ladies showed me what I need to do to experience the results of therapy.

Janna is great to work with. She is very patient and works with specific needs.

Made me feel comfortable all the way through.

I don’t see anything that needs improvement. I was well pleased with all my experiences, especially with the services provided by Janna. It was a pleasure working with her. She was very helpful in providing the services need to recover from the hip surgery. I will contact Janna if some issues or questions should come up.

Feb 2015

You do a fantastic job working with patients, and you made me feel an important part of my recovery.

Felt like you guys did awesome. Most completed program I have ever had.

Very organized and great use of time. Challenging, but kind to me.

Jan 2015

Lindsey, Melissa, and the rest of the staff made my experience here the most wonderful time. I can’t express in words how much I’m going to miss my time here.

Lindsey, Whitney, Kelly, Melissa, Bob, Shelby, Kelly and Twila to name a just a few that made my experience great.

For my personal needs, probably needed more building up on my legs and arms. But I’m still well pleased with the progress I made in this facility.!

Longer breaks are needed in between the tougher exercises. Also need time for water breaks.

Dec 2014

Having been through this twice before, I feel that the care provided was exceptional. I have no suggestions for improvement.

This department and the people are terrific! Debbie has been a blessing!

If this team can work with me, they can work with anyone!

Carol is wonderful. She has vast knowledge and is able to apply it and assist me with understanding of how/why I had my neck injury and how to prevent further.

Super good care and very knowledgeable about my pain and concerns. Left feeling so much better. Yeah!

Nov 2014

Warm, friendly palace to make your pain better.

My experience was excellent! When I came into PT I was completely depressed and was scared about my ability to function in the future. Whitney did a great job and I feel pretty normal again. Thank you.

Oct 2014

Frankly, I can’t list any needs for improvement. Past therapy that I’ve had prescribed was always conducted at my local Hospital. They were good and my results were great. However, my sessions here were excellent, pleasantly casual yet work, and I am amazed at how quick my knee has improved. It feels very good! Many thanks to Bob and Lindsay. They are true professionals and were a joy to work with.

July 2014

Whitney and Kelly helped me achieve my goal and I am now 100% pain free and so, so happy!

I cannot think of anything I would improve.  This experience has changed my life.  I have been in pain for years and have struggled with everyday activities, but now I feel like I am back to my old self.  I couldn’t be happier!  Whitney and Kelly were both fantastic and made my experience here great.

June 2014

Whitney was my therapist and did an excellent job.  I feel she helped me tremendously.
This is an all around top rated facility in my opinion!

Everything was excellent.  The staff was very willing to adjust my workout to how my recovery was responding, whether with less reps and weights or more.

Melissa was so very kind in explaining everything to me so many times.  She was very calming.

April 2014

Melissa was excellent at explaining matters clearly, helpful, patient – a wonderful therapist!.  

Brett did a great job!  He was very interesting and understood what was going on with my hurt shoulder.  

They were very patient and caring.  The office staff is very cordial also.  

I felt the staff was very personal when needed and professional 100% of the time.  

The entire staff was great and everyone treated me with generosity and respect   You were all very nice, informative and made me feel comfortable and calmed me down when I was nervous.  I felt like everyone genuinely cared for my well being.  Thank You.  

January 2014

Debbie and Carol have been so wonderful with their expertise, patience, thorough treatment of all my systems and I have already recommended others to them.

I was very impressed with my therapy,  I think all of the staff were very helpful and fun to be around.  It was also nice to use new equipment and strength exercises to help my knee.

Whitney and Bob were the BEST!  I appreciate them so much for helping me get back to normal.  Front desk staff were also friendly.  I also appreciated working with the students looking to go into PT!  Thanks for making my recovery time a lot better and quickly.

December 2013

Every staff member that worked with me knew my injury and what to do for my recovery.  They were all excellent.

I love going to PT!  Everyone is friendly and professional.  They know what they are doing and always explain why we do things.

October 2013

Brett and Carrie were both very good – explaining the rehab advancements.

Joyce and Jill were great at explaining exercises and teaching me proper techniques.  Kelly is always friendly and on top of things when I check in at the desk.

September 2013

Whitney was excellent – really explained things well.  Bob helped me "fine tune" my exercises in the pool.  Jeremiah was very fun to workout with!  Twila really worked with my schedule as I had a lot of commitments to schedule around.

The staff is experienced and knowledgeable and very good at working WITH me instead of just working me.

Explained exercises very well and told me why I needed to do them and what part of the body it helped.

Melissa was fantastic.  I could write a book about her but I will leave it as a simple comment.  She's truly amazing and cares greatly about her patients.

July 2013

Always had smiles on their faces and asked me how I was doing.  Very respectful - both caregivers I had during my visits.  Very easy for me to understand what they were asking of me to do - so I could get to normal and even better in a feel-good way!  They were always on time and it was a pleasure to come here.

Everyone calls you by name and they treated me with dignity and respect.

These employees are great.  So thoughtful and considerate.  My experience was the best anyone could have!

June 2013

Whitney is excellent in explaining the exercises, what they do, etc.  She also is excellent on explaining what the injury is all about – why it hurts – what to do and what not to do. 

May 2013

I am pleased beyond my expectation.  I am actually looking forward to my next surgery in October due to the fine care given here.

You are were superb!  My wrist has never felt better.

I never waited long and they knew what they were doing – fast and efficient.  If I have any problems in the future, I will know where to turn

They always took time to make sure that I completely understood each exercise.

You are were superb!  My wrist has never felt better

February 2013

Bob has been very consistent in making sure I understand all therapy which will be critical as I continue on my own.

Without exception, every trainer greeted me even if they weren't working with me.

Great atmosphere, staff and scheduling!