Rehabilitation Team

Our individualized rehabilitation treatment programs are coordinated and managed through an interdisciplinary staff comprised of:

  • Your personal physician who is welcome to stay actively involved in your personal care, or will be informed of your progress.
  • The physiatrist who is a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. They direct your rehabilitation program.
  • Your rehabilitation nurse who provides individual nursing care and family teaching, reinforces the skills learned in therapy and assists in discharge planning.
  • Your physical therapist who helps you gain independence in mobility skills including getting in and out of bed and chair, and walking or using a wheelchair and going up and down stairs.
  • Your case manager who helps you with community resources, discharge planning, and advanced directives.
  • The rehabilitation psychologist who cares for your emotional needs and assists in coping.
  • Additional services are provided by dietitians, vocational counselors, home care coordinator, financial counselors, chaplains and support staff.

This approach is based on mutual goal setting and collaborative planning. Clinical team members are experts in their individual disciplines and work together to deliver effective care with the patient's personal goals in mind.

The team evaluates the patient's physical, cognitive, perceptual and communication impairments, as well as emotional, social, behavioral and recreational functioning. Educational needs are met for school-age patients with the help of physicians and other health care professionals.

Weekly team conferences are held by the professional team to discuss:


  • progress and treatment plans
  • patient and family goals
  • education and trainings
  • plans for a safe discharge

Family conferences can be scheduled with the team members to ensure success of the treatment plan as well as family involvement during the rehabilitation process. Family participation helps in continuing the rehabilitation process even after the patient leaves our program.

An individualized assessment of equipment needs is completed by the team before the patient goes home. The patient's home environment is evaluated by the team as needed.

Medical Management

The interdisciplinary team approach on the inpatient rehabilitation unit is coordinated by the Medical Director, a board-certified physiatrist. The medical direct works closely with the referring and/or personal care physician to deliver in-depth medical coverage providing the highest level of rehabilitation and medical management on a consistent basis.