Sample Workout

Each workout is designed with a variety of activities and equipment to keep athletes interested and challenge their ability levels. The items listed below are included in EACH action-packed session of Athletic Edge.

Active Dynamic Warm Up

10-15 minutes of exercises to warm up the muscles, improve flexibility, and reinforce proper postures/running mechanics.

Agility Ladder

Designed to improve footwork, coordination, and over-speed training for a quick first step and dynamic turnover when sprinting.

Explosive Upper Body Training

A combination of medicine ball, body weight, and plyometrics to train shoulder stability, strength, and power.

Lower Body Plyometrics

There is a close relationship between jumping and sprinting. Drills will include 2 leg and single leg jumps, repetitive jumping, and work on landing mechanics to decrease the risk of injury.

Core Stability & Balance

The midsection is often forgotten about in training. These exercises are designed to challenge the core muscles in more functional standing positions. In addition, balance exercises will challenge the stability of multiple joints including the ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder.

Speed and Agility

A variety of cutting, pivoting, and sprinting. Technique is a main focus in the beginning and can help reduce athlete's risk of injury. Speed sessions begin with technique drills to improve leg and arm mechanics, progressing to longer sprinting.


Alternating days of sprinting, medium distance, and long distance runs with game days designed to enhance conditioning.