SART Members & Roles

SART Members

Members of the response team include the following:
*    Law Enforcement
*    County Attorney
*    SRS
*    SANE Nurses
*   Victim Advocates

Roles of SART Members

Law Enforcement
*    Investigates all parties involved.
*    Investigates crime scene.
*    Receives evidence and reports from SANE.
*    Submits reports to County Attorney.
*    Remains in contact with the victim during all phases of the investigation.

County Attorney
*    Look at the facts of the case and files charges.
*    Prosecutes for the State.
*    Builds rapport with the victim and family.

*    Notified on all victims under the age of 18.
*    Conducts investigations.

SANE Nurses
*    Victim History
*    Head to toe examination
*    Detailed genital examination
*    Forensic evidence collection
*    Forensic photography
*    Courtroom testimony

Victim Advocates
*    Provide comfort and support.
*    Educate victim and their support system.
*    Provides information and referrals to community resources.
*    May be present during all phases of the investigation.