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Occupational Therapists
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Our Staff Listing
Billinger, Jill - Physical Therapist

Brungardt, Kelly - Physical Therapist Assistant

Cook, Debbie - Physical Therapist, Certified Lymphadema Therapist

Dreiling, Lindsey - Physical Therapist

Ford, Whitney - Physical Therapist

Ginther, Melissa - Occupational Therapist

Guernsey, Jenny – Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Heimann, Teresa - Physical Therapist

Johnson, Brett - Occupational Therapist

Johnson, Melissa - Physical Therapist Assistant

Landers, Shawn - Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Manning, Janna - Physical Therapist

McAnany, Bob - Physical Therapist Assistant

Montgomery, Carol - Physical Therapist

Readle, Cari - Occupational Therapy Assistant

Roe, Theresa - Physical Therapist, Director of Rehabilitation Services

Rupp, Joyce - Physical Therapist Assistant