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Outpatient Surgery

A number of procedures that previously were available only on an in-patient basis can be performed on an out-patient basis without an overnight stay. These minor surgery services are available from Southwind Surgical and include:

  • Minor skin surgery
  • Biopsies
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Endoscopies (EGDs, Colonoscopies, Gastrostomy Tube)
  • Hernia Repairs

Although not expected, should any complications arise, the life-saving equipment and back-up services of Hays Medical Center are available within seconds.

HaysMed offers robotic surgery for select general surgeries through the da Vinci® Surgical System.

Family and friends are welcome to be with the patient before and shortly after surgery. Then, recover in the comfort and privacy of home.

Patient Comments

April 2015

Excellent care. Nursing and doctors above excellent! Good was great. Overall experience top notch! Discharge was a lot of waiting, but I understand.

I have had excellent care while at the hospital. I had room 202 that was cool and that really helped me I believe. All nurses were remarking about being cool, but that was good for me. Everyone was considerate and polite and remarkably considerate. It was very calming as this was the first time I had ever been put out for any procedure. No problem. Wasn't nauseated as most people say they are so that was a good think as well. You can all be very proud of your institution and the people that make it a great place to be.

Jaime Evans is my nomination for extra friendly and very caring.

We are very happy with the care we received. The ER Dr. Cunningham was very reassuring and explained it very well. ICU staff very grateful for their care, 2nd floor nurses all were extremely nice and helpful. Unable to name all nurses, but extra shout out to Emily for her extra time spent. Everyone worked very well as a team.

All care and staff, nurses, and CAN's were awesome! I felt totally taken care of in the ER, OR, and in my room. Also very important to me is that I heard only positive interactions among staff. No gossip or complaints.

Janea and Sheila were great. They made my son very comfortable and at ease during his stay and procedure. I was impressed with the staff as a whole. We dealt with the ER, Surgery, and Pediatrics. Hayden's ordeal was much better than it could have been. Sheila connected with him over his love of the farm and both women listened to his stories and treated him with kindness, couldn't have been happier with his care.

On behalf of my wife; a heart-felt thank you for the care extended to my bride. Hays Medical Center has always been our choice when surgery is needed for either of us. Professional, that is what all of the staff at Hays Medical Center are. May God continue to bless this hospital.

Both Nancy RN and Diane Rn and the PCT’s on the night shift and AM shift were excellent going above and beyond to make me feel better and cared for. Kaylie and the anesthesiologist in the OR were great.

I came in for gall bladder removal at 6 am. And everyone has been very nice and helpful. Molly really is good at her job. She cares about people you can tell she is here for more than a paycheck. Keep up the good work everyone. Dr. Cunningham is a very caring person. We went over every procedure very well.

I was recently in the hospital for a week after surgery. The nurses were amazing. One that stood out at night was Tina. Great with calming my fears and making me feel good. Also liked Jade’s service. When she wasn’t my nurse, still came in before her schedule to check on me to see how I was doing. A day nurse that went above and beyond was Kinsey. On St. Pat’s day I told her I always ate corned beef and cabbage. She went to the cafeteria and brought me my lunch that day of corned beef and cabbage. Wow! I was very impressed by her care for me.



April 2014

Everybody that came into our room has delivered exceptional care.  We would invite any one of them back if we would be in need of care again.  We also noticed how neat and clean of a room we have.  We would like to say thanks to all.
This is the second stay for my Mom in the past month and I have nothing but good things to say.  Caleigh was our nurse the 1st time and Nick the 2nd.  I am an RN myself and everyone was attentive and compassionate.  Thanks so much to Dr. Schultz who truly is a good listener and provider.

I received exceptional care here at HaysMed.  I would definitely recommend it to others.

I was very satisfied with all of the personnel that I encountered during my seven day hospitalization.  There were several standouts.  I am sorry that I do not remember all their names. One of the nurses, Cate Moss was particularly helpful and understanding while I was in a highly emotional state.  Dr. Teget and the female resident were both particularly helpful and took the time to answer all of my questions.  The nurse that worked on my release was especially efficient and helpful.