Syprex Scar Sheets

At Medical Pavilion Pharmacy we realize that in today's world, cosmetic concerns can play a role in any patient's therapy. That's why we offer Syprex Scar Sheets. These products are made of pure, clear, medical grade silicone. It's unknown why silicone is useful in preventing scar formation, although some theories include moisturizing the area or the mild static charge produced by silicone.

Syprex Scar Sheets are highly recommended for our plastic surgery patients and anyone who wants to prevent scar formation after an event producing skin trauma. They have been shown to improve texture, reduce scar thickness, and return the affected area to a natural skin tone. Unlike other silicone scar treatments, Syprex Scar Sheets are durable enough to last the entire course of treatment. They accomplish this by cutting out the impurities and many adhesives that other brands have. No medications or chemicals are present on the bandages. Pricing is variable and depends on the size of the bandages required. Speak to one of our associates for pricing information.