Tangible & Intangible Benefits


Reduce employee turnover
Reduce sickness and/or sick days
Reduce injury
Reduce payments for health insurance, disability and sick leave


Improve morale
Improve decision making
Improve efficiency
Reduce mental errors
Improve concentration
Improve time management

Return on Investment:
Examples of businesses that have realized a savings after implementing a Wellness Program:

Coors Brewing Company – After six years of its fitness program, the company realized a return of $6.15 for every dollar spent

Equitable Life Assurance realized a return on investment of $5.52 in the first year of its corporate fitness program

General Mills – In the first year of its TriHealthalon employee fitness program, the company received a payback of $3.10 per dollar invested

PepsiCO found its corporate fitness program had a 300% return on investment