Hospice Team

Who is the Hospice Team?

  • Medical Director
  • Attending physician
  • Chaplain
  • Aide
  • Nurses
  • Social Worker
  • Volunteers
  • Speech, Physical, Occupational and other
    Therapists, if needed

What does the Hospice Team do?

  • Works together to focus on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the person;
  • Provides support for the family;
  • Manages pain and other symptoms;
  • Provides emotional support;
  • Provides medications, medical supplies and equipment for comfort related to the terminal illness;
  • Provides teaching and support to the person and caregivers;
  • Arranges for short-term inpatient care available for symptoms that cannot be managed at home, or if the caregiver needs respite;
  • Provides grief support to surviving loved ones for at least 15 months.

How often does the Team visit?

For each person and family, the interdisciplinary team writes a care plan with the person/family based on their individual needs. All visits are based on the person and family needs and the condition of the person during the course of the illness. In addition, Hospice nurses are on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.