Visual Arts Committee


Few individuals have an opportunity of being involved in the development of an extensive Visual Arts collection within a medical facility. Since 1974, I have seen an insignificant assortment of wall decor evolve into a formal, professional collection by Kansas Artists. We continue to search for significant works that provide therapeutic value for patients, families and associates. Comments and expressions of appreciation relating to the artwork occur on a regular basis and are shared when I conduct tours of the Collection.

Tribute is paid to Mr. Don Stewart, CEO of Hadley Regional Medical Center, who had the initial concept in 1974. Mr. Michael Rindler revitalized the program by creating the Visual Arts Committee and established the guidelines that are followed today. The financial generosity of the Hadley Foundation makes the Hadley Art Collection possible. It has become one of the significant collections of Kansas artists. I would like to thank the Visual Arts Committee members who devote hours to the responsibilities of the Collection. I also extend my appreciation to Hays Medical Center for providing such a beautiful exhibiting environment for the Collection. And lastly, I thank the Volunteer Services Office and the wonderful Volunteers for their roles as project liaisons.

The Visual Arts Committee and the Hadley Foundation take pride in publishing this catalog.

John C. Thorns, Jr.
Consultant - Director - 2009

Visual Arts Committee
John C. Thorns   Consultant Director
Mark Hantla   Curator
Marsha Bieker   Visual Arts Committee
Ann Jeter   Visual Arts Committee
Nancy Talbott   Visual Arts Committee
Jo Murphy   Liaison
Sharon Staab   Building Consultant