Wound Types and Risk Factors

Wound types

Treating wounds is a complex task.  Each case is unique and patients will heal at varying rates.  The Wound Healing Center staff is prepared to handle a variety of different wounds which includes:

•    Any wound failing to improve with multiple treatments or therapies
•    Diabetic foot ulcers
•    Lower leg ulcers
•    Pressure ulcers
•    Bone infection (osteomyelitis)
•    Gangrene
•    Skin tears or lacerations
•    Late effects of radiation therapy
•    Post-operative infections
•    Slow or non-healing surgical wounds
•    Compromised skin flaps or grafts
•    Burns

Risk Factors

Certain risk factors may lead to chronic wounds, such as:
•    Malnutrition and diet
•    Circulation problems
•    Infection
•    Aging
•    Diabetes
•    Hyperglycemia – especially blood sugars over 150
•    Arthritis
•    Diabetes
•    Kidney disease
•    Certain medications
•    Swelling
•    Weight
•    Smoking
•    Inability to adhere to your individual plan of care