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At Hays Medical Center your treatment is more than just a medical procedure. It is a complete program of support designed to assist you to New Health. New You! You will receive guidance through each step of the process.

1) Attend Seminar

The surgeon provides in-depth information session about surgical weight loss as well as answers any questions one might have on the procedures available. Our registered dietician will provide education on dietary changes that will be necessary before and after surgery. The program coordinator will be available to review the program guidelines and answer any additional questions one might have. Our financial counselor will discuss payment options. Advanced Payment Options are available.

2) Complete Health Questionnaire

All bariatric surgery candidates will need to download and complete. Mail or fax the questionnaire back to us at:
Southwind Surgical
2500 Canterbury Drive, Suite 202
Hays, Kansas 67601
Fax: 785-623-5949

3) Psychological Evaluation/Clearance

A requirement of our program is that you make an appointment for a complete psychological evaluation to explore your readiness for surgery. The goal of treatment prior to surgery is to “prepare” candidates for the upcoming stressors and changes. It is crucial to your ultimate outcome to disclose your current psychological and social state, and to work with the mental health care provider performing your pre-surgical evaluation on a plan to prepare you for the stressors and successes which lie ahead. You can go ahead and complete this step before coming in for your initial consult.

4) Insurance Approval

If you are considered an appropriate candidate for surgery and we have all the necessary documentation, a letter will be sent to your insurance company requesting preauthorization. Various insurance companies require six month physician directed weight loss program including: behavior modification, exercise therapy, and nutritional counseling by a registered dietician. This process can be quite lengthy anywhere from six weeks to six months or longer to get approval.

5) Support Groups

Monthly support group meetings are held and various topics are discussed (i.e. dietary, physical activity, psychological support and social support). This is an opportunity to connect with others and build lasting relationships. The meetings are helpful and serve as a resource for questions and concerns regarding surgical weight loss.

6) Get Moving

Now is the time to start your regular daily physical activity. The challenge is to begin your exercise program now so you will be better prepared for your surgery and have fewer complications afterwards. Remember, before starting any exercise program you should consult with your primary care physician and get a medical clearance to exercise.

7) Surgical Consult

When the health questionnaire and all the necessary documentation has been received from your primary care physician or you, an office visit will be scheduled. Additional tests and lab work may be ordered by the surgeon depending on your current health status. You may be referred to other specialties, such as a cardiologist, to obtain clearances prior to surgery.

8) Dietary Consult

A requirement of the program is a consult with a registered dietician. The dietician will meet with you during the four hour pre-op class, after surgery, one week post-op and one month post-op, and available by phone with any questions. Candidates with a BMI over 50 may be asked to participate in a medically supervised weight loss program.

9) Complete Necessary Medical Clearance

It is necessary to follow the surgeon’s advice with regards to pre-op testing and clearances. All records will need to be faxed (785-623-5949) or brought to Southwind Surgical.

10) Pre-Op Class

For your convenience, we offer a package that fulfills the surgery candidacy requirements in one half-day session. In this in-depth, interactive session, you will spend time with each of the following professionals:

Clinical Dietitian
Our dietitian will spend an hour covering basic nutrition guidelines, label reading and portion sizes. Each participant will meet with the dietitian on an individual base to go over your current dietary habits, review your personal food record, and make recommendations. The dietitian will also cover the post-operative diet progression and supplement instructions.

Qualified Mental Health Practitioner licensed at the clinical level
Our QMHP will discuss the psychological changes that occur with surgery and how to best prepare for them using relapse prevention and impulse control guidelines.

Exercise Physiologist
Our Exercise Physiologist will discuss about the benefits of exercise both before and after surgery. Also, they will also focus on how you can get started on a regular exercise program. The package fee includes your one-on-one exercise therapy session through the cardiovascular program at The Center for Health Improvement. (Your one-on-one exercise session will need to be scheduled to take place on another day.)

Bariatric Surgeon
Our bariatric surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits of surgery in addition to answering questions you may have regarding the surgery itself.

Nursing Coordinator
Will provide you with information regarding what to expect during your hospital stay in addition to your post-operative care.

11) Pre-Op Liquid Diet

All candidates must follow a strict liquid diet beginning 14 days prior to surgery. The purpose of this is to reduce the size of the liver and to maximize the chance that your procedure can be done laparoscopically.

12) Financial Counselor Visit

We require candidates to visit with our patient financial counselor(s) at least two weeks in advance of surgery. We also encourage candidates to visit with the counselor monthly throughout the process before surgery at 785-623-5572.

13) Pre-Admission Visit

We encourage candidates to talk to the Pre-Admission Department at Hays Medical Center two weeks before surgery 785.623.5818. We encourage a visit with a representative of Anesthesiology Associates of Hays. Pre-Admission testing will be done approximately one week before surgery.

14) Hospitalization

Expected length of stay for Lap-Band is up to 24 hours and up to 48 hours for laparoscopic Roux-En-Y. If you live more than an hour away, we may ask you to stay in the Hays area for 1-3 days following discharge from the hospital.

15) Post-Op Clinic Visits

After either procedure you will return to the clinic one week after surgery for your initial post-op visit. In routine cases your next visit will be 4-5 weeks from the date of surgery. You will also have follow-up appointments with the surgeon at 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and yearly there after. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, you should make an appointment 10-14 after surgery with your primary care physician to manage these disease processes.