Leaves of Life
Recognizing the Journey of those Touched by Cancer

The “Leaves of Life” at the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute is a magnificent oak and metal wall sculpture with brass leaves engraved with the names of those who have journeyed with cancer. The purpose of the “Leaves of Life” is to honor the memory of loved ones and to celebrate living survivors of cancer.

Funds raised through the “Leaves of Life” assist patients by helping to provide the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute with new and replacement equipment, programs and services.

“Leaves of Life” was created in part through the generosity of family and friends in loving memory of Lanita (Karst) Smith. Lanita worked as the Director of Medical/Surgical and Inpatient Oncology Services at HaysMed for many years. Lanita passed away in the fall of 2007 from breast cancer. Lanita’s dedication to her family and to her work even through her last days shall live in our hearts forever. Lanita’s legacy is one of service and love. She made a positive difference to so many.

Purchasing a Leaf

To purchase a leaf: A gift of $250, in acknowledgment of an individual will be recognized by engraving the name on a brass leaf and placing the leaf on the “Leaves of Life” wall.  See backside for details.

About the Artist

In late 2007, local artist James Mages created this sculpture to honor and commemorate those who have journeyed with cancer.
The sculpture captures not only the life and vitality of those for whom it stands, but also represents the new life that is bestowed on others through the kind act of giving.

The “Leaves of Life” is on permanent display in the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute.

Commemorative Gifts

Commemorating a special person with a gift to the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute provides a lasting tribute to a family member, a friend, or loved one and contributes valuable support to the Cancer Institute.
•    A gift “in honor of” someone is usually made while that person is living, often for milestone occasions such as treatment completion, a birthday, major accomplishment, recuperation or retirement.
•    A gift “in memory of” someone is the term used when the namesake is deceased.

All these gifts are referred to as commemorative.

Direct donations may be given to the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute without the purchase of a leaf. Contributions are used for new and replacement equipment programs and services.