What’s behind Dreiling / Schmidt Cancer Institute’s Name

In 2002, the cancer center at Hays Medical Center was named in recognition of significant donations received from the Leo J. and Albina Dreiling Charitable Trust and from the Robert E. and Patricia A. Schmidt Foundation.

“It’s difficult to put into words the gratitude the Dreiling Trust and Schmidt Foundation trust deserve for these marvelous gifts,” Dr. John Jeter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hays Medical Center said. “Everyone in this area knows full well the kindness and generosity extended by both of these families to so many worthy programs and projects for so many, many years. The name change today continues to recognize the ongoing support from those generous benefactors.”

“During their lifetimes, Leo and Albina Dreiling were gracious and benevolent people. They would be extremely proud to know that their tradition of supporting important community projects with gifts of love are being continued by members of their family and by the current Trustees of the Dreiling Charitable Trust,” said Jeter. “The names Leo and Albina Dreiling adorn many buildings and programs in this area. Their kind and sincere involvement with projects that have made Hays a better place to live is nothing short of legend.”

“The names Bob and Pat Schmidt are synonymous with the words giving, caring and sharing,” said Jeter. “They, too, are kind and generous people who have shared themselves and their good fortune with countless worthwhile projects in Hays, Ellis County and other parts of the State of Kansas. This community is very, very fortunate to have Bob and Pat Schmidt reside here.”

Large gifts enable donors to select an area at the Medical Center on which to place their name. Consequently, the Dreiling Trust and Schmidt Foundation chose to have their names placed on the Cancer Center. Beginning August 2002, we immediately became known as the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Center.

“There is no more fitting tribute to the Dreilings and Schmidts than to rename the Cancer Center in their honor,” Jeter said. “Their names will add dignity and strength to an area where dignity and strength are displayed on a daily basis.”

“The Dreiling Foundation has chosen to help the Medical Center purchase new cancer treatment equipment and help provide some equipment upgrades in the Cancer Center. The Schmidts chose to add their gift to the assets of the Hays Medical Center Foundation to provide future funding for initiatives and projects that will provide a continuity of progress for better healthcare in Western Kansas.”

In August 2008, our name was upgraded from “center” to “institute”. This name change reflects the evolution of our services, as we grow and expand in response to the needs of our patients. Quality service has always been, and will continue to be, the foundation of our care. Our ongoing success is owed in large part to our physicians’ and staff’s commitment to providing the best care possible. We will continue to uphold that mission as we move forward as the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute.