“Dedicated to the practice of Family Medicine we strive to improve our patients’ mental and physical health with care, compassion and commitment to excellence.”

About Us

HaysMed Family Medicine began as the Hays Family Practice Center which opened in May 1979 at 2501 Canterbury Drive. Dr. Mickey Myrick was the first residency trained, board certified family physician in Hays arriving in 1977. Dr. Richard Rajewski and Karen Threlkel, RN. joined him to initiate the clinic. The present location at 2509 Canterbury Drive was built to serve the expanding practice needs in December of 1980 first for three, then for four family physicians. Three advanced registered nurse practitioners also joined the practice. Additional remodeling was completed in 1997 to accommodate our growing staff and a KUMC rural site Family Medicine residency training program. The name was changed to Hays Family Medicine in 2004 to better describe our services after the “Future of Family Medicine” was published. We are committed to family medicine and building long lasting relationships with our patients.