Vasectomy Aftercare Instructions

Keep the incision(s) dry until the next day; then you may shower. Keep clean gauze over the area for three days.

Some bruising, drainage, and swelling are not unusual. The scrotum and penis may turn “black and blue.” The edges of the incision may pull apart, and may heal rather slowly. A “knot” may be present on each side for several months. This is part of the normal healing process.

Please return directly to your home, and take it easy for at least 12 hours. Put you feet up. An ice bag on the scrotum may help to prevent swelling. The day after surgery, you may walk and shower. You may increase your activity on the third day, but vigorous exercise (jogging, basketball, etc.) is not advised.

If you have discomfort, one or two acetaminophen (Tylenol) tablets taken every 4 to 6 hours, or up to three 200 mg. ibuprofen tablets every 6 hours, usually will provide relief.

Wear tight underwear or an athletic supporter for increased support and comfort during the next week.

NO heavy lifting or very strenuous activity for 10 days.

If there is bleeding or severe pain, or if you develop a fever, call us immediately.

It is recommended that you refrain from having sexual intercourse and ejaculation for one week. This is to permit the cut ends of the vas deferens to close before pressure is put on them.

Do not be surprised if your ejaculate contains some blood. It is usually old blood, and nothing to worry about.

You will not be sterile for some time after the operation because the reservoirs may still contain live sperm. Continue to use another method of birth control until you have had a sperm count, and have received a statement that sperm are no longer present in the semen.

At six weeks or 15 ejaculations (whichever is later), bring in a semen specimen to the doctor’s office or to the lab as directed. Collect it in a clean, small jar, medicine vial, or in a container the doctor provides. To collect the semen, have intercourse and withdraw prior to ejaculation, or stimulate yourself. Take the specimen to the doctor’s office within two hours of collection. A second specimen is often recommended three months after surgery.

If you have any concerns about any possible complications or any other questions, please call at once for advice.

REMEMBER: Use another form of contraception until you have had your semen check(s) and your doctor gives the okay that you do not need to use other contraception.