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Health Record

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The HaysMed Patient Portal is encrypted, rewrites URLs, and times out after inactivity, making it safe to use on personal or public devices.


Each Portal page includes Contact Us and Learn More sections to get help with your technical questions.

Proxy Access

Proxy access allows patients to give their family and/or caregiver access to securely view their health information through the patient portal.  A parent or legal guardian of a minor may also have proxy access for their child’s health information.

How do I share my health information with family members (age 18 and older)?

The patient must complete and sign the to grant proxy access to another individual.  Alternatively, the patient may call 785-623-5151 to request this access

Legal guardians or caregivers to adults with diminished capacity can request proxy access using the same form.  Appropriate legal documentation verifying the relationship of the proxy to the patient must be provided.

How do I view my child’s health information?

  • For Children ages Newborn to 11 years old: The parent must have an active portal account and the child can be added to the parent’s account. Sign up during your next clinic office visit or call 785-623-5151 to sign up over the phone.

On your child’s 12th birthday, any parent or legal guardian access will automatically be terminated. Under Kansas law, minors have the right to privacy for certain personal health information.  In compliance with state law, the HaysMed Patient Portal policy sets this cut off at age 12.

  • For Children ages 12 to 17 years old: Starting at age 12, the patient may sign up for their own patient portal account. Sign up during your next clinic office visit or call 785-623-5151 to sign up over the phone.

If the patient age 12-17 years old wishes to grant proxy access to their parent or guardian, they may do so during a clinic office visit by signing the appropriate paperwork or by calling 785-623-5151.  On the patient’s 18th birthday, all proxy access will automatically be terminated.

Please note the age range limitation is for Patient Portal access only and does not affect the legal right you have to access your child’s record, as permitted by state and/or federal laws, by other means. To request a paper copy of your child’s record contact the Health Information Management Department.

How do I remove or revoke proxy access?

In certain circumstances, such as divorce, a patient may wish to remove access previously granted to a family member.  Please call 785-623-5151 to revoke access.

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