Model of Care

The group of healthcare professionals from various disciplines that work together to help patients with physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and financial support (i.e. physicians, nurses, respiratory therapist, dieticians, pharmacists, pastoral care, physical and occupational therapists, and social workers).

“To Help People be Healthy”: Our Core Purpose

Community: (Patient, Family, Colleagues, Self):

Create an exceptional experience and fully recognize HaysMed’s potential to positively impact our community’s experience with outcomes that inspire others to do the same. We strive to make a difference by supporting direct care initiatives and outcomes for clarity, good communication, care and dignity through our practices:

  • Bedside reporting
  • Rounding with a purpose
  • Individualized patient plan of care
  • Care delivery model – Patient & Family Centered Care and Partners in Caring

Our Philosophy – treating others with the same dignity and respect as you would like to be treated


Through transparent and consistent communication/actions we establish trust among patients, families, colleagues and ourselves.


As a standard, we show kindness, courtesy and caring to everyone we encounter, thereby showing respect for our community.


We will strive to alleviate or prevent the suffering of others. We will take the time to be wholly present with our colleagues, patients, and families in order to identify with them and their struggles.


We promote spirituality by supporting the values and beliefs of others by providing a nurturing environment to meet the needs of our community in a holistic manner.


We maintain a professional attitude with patients, families, and colleagues while seeking ways to build and improve our profession.


Outcomes achieved through accountability, responsibility, collaboration and the professional development of each nurse.


Maximize the efficiency and productivity of resources as stewards of service, operations, and finance.


Cohesiveness among co-workers that facilitates decision making and care coordination.


Evidence based care, promoting staff development through RNPDP, and improving processes through QI projects.


We meet the needs and expectations of patients, families, and colleagues to the best of our ability with compassion, respect, and integrity.

Nurses conducting research to provide evidence used to support or change nursing practices at HaysMed.