Code of Conduct

The Hays Medical Center Corporate Ethics and Compliance Program is comprised of policies, procedures, and processes that put into practice the Board of Directors’ commitment to conduct all operations in a manner consistent with all applicable legal requirements and the highest ethical standards.

As part of this Program, the Board of Directors has adopted this Code of Conduct to provide standards by which Associates shall conduct themselves to protect and promote organization-wide integrity and enhance Hays Medical Center’s ability to achieve its mission. Every Associate is required to adhere to this Code of Conduct as a condition of his or her continued relationship with Hays Medical Center (employment or otherwise).

Various departments within Hays Medical Center, including Administration and the Compliance Department, have developed policies and procedures implementing the principles and standards contained in this Code of Conduct, and Associates are expected to be knowledgeable of and comply with those policies and procedures. To the extent that any policy or procedure is inconsistent with the principles and standards contained herein, that policy or procedure is superseded by this Code of Conduct. Those Associates who also are members of Hays Medical Center’s Medical Staff are obligated to adhere to the Medical Staff Bylaws and related policies and procedures, which have been reviewed and approved by the members of the Medical Staff and the Board of Directors. To the extent any provision of this Code of Conduct is inconsistent with the Medical Staff Bylaws and/or related policies and procedures, such provision is superseded by the relevant provisions of the Medical Staff Bylaws and/or related policies and procedures.

Nothing in this Code of Conduct is intended to nor shall be construed as providing any additional employment or contract rights to any Associate or other person.