December 2013

This whole staff of HaysMed is just awesome.  Cannot think of anyone or anything that was not superb.  This place is super awesome!  From ER and up.  Your doctors are also great.  Some places could learn from HaysMed.  Just remember you are all super awesome!  And I thank each and every one of you.  Keep up the great work.

We appreciated the care and attitudes of the nurses and doctors.  Everyone was polite and if we had questions, they would answer them to the best of their ability.  We also liked the cleanliness of the hospital in general.  Thank you for your great care!

This is absolutely the best hospital I have ever been in.  Everyone here is so kind and considerate.  Everyone is so genuinely concerned about how I feel and if I need anything at all.  I honestly have never had such wonderful people caring for me.  God bless you all!

I would like to thank everyone who cared for me.  Everyone went out of their way to see that I was well cared for and comfortable.  I don’t remember ever being this cared for anywhere I’ve ever been.  It was like being around caring family the whole time.  Thank You.

November 2013

We think HaysMed is top notch!  The doctors, nurses, all staff are wonderful.  Thank you for such a great hospital.

This is an awesome place to be when a person is sick and needs help.  The staff is excellent.  Drs, nurses, as well as the maintenance and cleaning people.  They are just great.

I just wanted you to know you have the most friendly doctors I have ever had.  They show that they really care, to me that means a lot.  I wish there was more that way in this world.  Yes, the nurses were great too, I can’t say enough about your hospital.  Thank you all so much.   God bless you all.

I wanted to take a moment her to applaud the truly remarkable and sincere care my father has received since being admitted as a patient.  Every person I have witnessed attending to his needs has been professional in their demeanor and caring in their approach; and while Dad can present a bit of a cartarkerous problem with his independent attitude of seeking to do things for himself, every nurse, every nurses aide, every soul who has entered his room for whatever purpose has been respectful, which I believe will change my dads perception from being admitted to the hospital in the future.  I know this experience has certainly changed mine.

October 2013

This was one of the best hospital stays ever.  The nursing staff is super attentive and prompt.  Everyone shows genuine concern and caring.

I was a little worried about coming here.  I’ve always went to Wichita but you people treated me with respect and all the nurses were very knowledgeable about my problem.  Very kind nurses and aids and just everybody was super.  You were so good that I am changing my heart care to here from now on.  I thank you very much and the doctors were very good in their care.  Thank you all.

I feel that HaysMed is an awesome hospital and all their staff from the lady at admissions to the nurses and doctors are great.

I’m sorry I can’t remember all the names but your staff here that worked with me is exceptional.  Marcie was a jewel but they were all sweet and helpful very caring.  If this had to happen I feel blessed that I was brought here.  Thank all of your staff that was with me.

September 2013

The facility and staff is exceptional.  My husband has been in several hospitals over the last 20 years and we did get good care.  However, you staff is the true difference.  Every single one from the nurses, docs, lab techs, aides, kitchen have such a positive, cheery attitude and have answered all of our questions very well.  The atmosphere here makes a serious and scary experience a little better.  A nurses hug gave me that little extra assistance I needed so badly – thank you Robin in ICU!!  Even though we are from Abilene I will recommend this wonderful facility to anyone who asks.  Keep up the great job! (ICU)

Thank you for the wonderful care!  You took such great care of me!  (Inpatient Rehab)

I was really blessed to have such a great staff.  It didn’t matter whether it was evening, night or morning.  This staff goes out of its way for great care!  I will continue to pass the word.  I was also impressed with Dr. Azzouni!  (Surgical)

Our experience at HaysMed was absolutely wonderful.  Dr. Sharma, his staff and all the floor nurses were professional and caring and gave exceptional service to my husband.  We spent two years at KU Med Center in KC and we will definitely take HaysMed over any place we’ve been.  God bless all of you for your hard work and dedication.  (Surgical)

August 2013

My Mom received great care from her nurses and doctors.  The food here was excellent during the single meal we ate here.  Some of the people even led us around.  As we are not from Hays, it was appreciated.  All in all, this place gets five stars. (General)

The Oncology Dept here is exceptional!  My husband could not have received better care anywhere.  They were thoughtful and adjusted to any special circumstances we had.  I would like to name a few names that should be praised.  Dr. Prasad, Andrea, Brenda, Camille, and Stephanie.  It’s a shame you have to be sick to meet such a nice group of professional people!  Thank You! (Radiation Oncology)

To Hays Hospital:  My daughter was in ICU here and I want to express my feelings about the way she has been taken care of here.  Your staff (doctors, nurses, caseworkers) were top notch as far as I am concerned. They were very kind and did their job in a professional way.  Thank You! (ICU)

Aaron did a wonderful job with physical therapy and Ross did a great job with occupational therapy.  Aaron was so gentle, but thorough.  He kept things going with a slight push or whatever he needed to do, but tried not to hurt you.  I like Mary too.  She didn’t say much but anticipated what Aaron needed.  They all made a great team together! (Inpatient PT/OT)

We were so relieved when we observed 1st hand how you were caring for our daughter.  Dr. Biring and his staff met with the family and politely answered all our questions.  As we were in the room the nurses and physical therapists also answered our questions and calmed any concerns we had.  Your facility and staff are all 5 star.  Even the front desk has actually led us to the area more than once.  I spoke with Carla and Jessica when she was first admitted .  You have made a very uncomfortable position bearable.  Thank you all. (General)

I have had the best care at Hays Medical Center.  The doctors and nurses are great and have treated me with such compassion and respect.  Thank you so much. (Surgical Unit)

The care in the Rehab Unit cannot be exceeded.  My mom is very satisfied as is our whole family.  They could not have been more caring, kind or helpful.  I wish I could name each individually but I know we would miss someone and I wouldn’t want to do that.  I never felt uneasy leaving – I always felt sure she would be well taken care of.  I cannot thank you enough! (Inpatient Rehab)

All of the staff that assisted by daughter and myself were very helpful and friendly.  A special thank you to Dyane and Katerina on the great job they did in preparing me for delivery and making everything go as smooth as possible.  Its awesome to have friendly staff assisting and makes the experience more bearable. (Womens Center)

My stay at HaysMed was fantastic.  Everyone made me feel so comfortable and at ease.  The nurses on the 3rd floor were amazing!  I especially appreciated Andi.  She always went above and beyond what was needed.  Recovering from surgery was much easier with her.  Dr. Lloyd was also a fantastic doctor.  He was caring and knew exactly what to do and always kept me informed.  Thanks for making this stay as enjoyable as it could be.  (Medical Unit)

We were treated with nothing but love and care by the HaysMed staff.  You all made this first child of ours a wonderful life event!  (Women’s Center)

Lolly was absolutely fantastic during my labor, delivery and stay at HaysMed.  She was one of the most confident, competent and caring people I have met at HMC.  She is truly outstanding at her job and made this experience wonderful.  She’s awesome.  (Womens Center)

From Dr. Curtis when I saw him in Wakeeney to Dr. Fisher who performed the surgery and all others involved in my care here at HMC, let me just say how caring and delightful they have been to me.  We all need to be thankful that we have a facility as nice as this one in our area.  (CPCU)

I was very, very satisfied!  Everyone was wonderful.  Glad my doctor sent me here!  Will be back if needed!  Thank you all so much!  (CPCU)

Everyone on CPCU was wonderful.  I was scared to death of a procedure but they explained it to me and made me feel comfortable and I thank them for that.  (CPCU)

I was treated like Royalty.  They were all so good to me and professional.  They bent over backwards to get all my requests taken care of.  My daughter was very pleased with everything and we so appreciated her being able to stay in my room.  My God reward each and every one of you! (CPCU)

My daughter was in a car accident and sliced her achilles.  Our ER staff was nothing short of amazing!  I especially appreciated Shelly and her attention and kindness towards my daughter.  She was amazing!  She even let us borrow her phone charger so we could contact family members.  I want her to know how much we appreciated her during a stressful time.   Thank You!  (ED)

Brett was spectacular during my post surgery rehab!  I couldn’t ask for a better therapist that pushes you to reach your goals!  Thanks Brett – I wouldn’t be able to return to work and do the job I love doing without your help.  (Outpatient Rehab)

I would like to commend Stephanie and Lashelle for the outstanding care they gave our Mom.  We never dreamed she would be able to do so much to take care of herself with her left hand.  And I would like Stephanie to know that she actually walks further and better than she did before her fall.  Thank you to the entire therapy team for all you did for her.  (Inpatient PT/OT/ST)

Thanks for all the wonderful care.  I will come back here for all of my surgeries!  (Ambulatory Care)

Ross did an extremely awesome job showing me what I needed to do to prepare myself for going home.  He pushed, prodded and cheered me on to get up and down on the toilet, the shower and the bed.  Ross gave me lots of pointers on how to get socks on, how to turn, how to manage everyday things I wouldn’t even think about.  Ross has a great personality, is discerning and respectful.  Great job, Ross.  I appreciate you so much!  (Inpatient PT/OT/ST)

July 2013

The ladies of the MRI staff are always friendly and helpful.  Amber (in Xray) was very sweet.  She could tell right away that I was nervous for the injections in my hip.  She kept me engaged in conversation which was very helpful in relaxing me.  She also made sure I understood things clearly. (MRI)

Shelly, the ICU nurse was amazing!  Can’t thank her enough.  Diane in housekeeping in ICU was wonderful and had a sweet attitude.  All staff has been so very kind. (ICU)

My Mom has been in ICU for several days.  Very professional, kind and considerate.  Very caring place… thanks so much for take great care of her.  (ICU)

Hats off to the nurses on 2 surgical.  They all helped make my hospital stay bearable and as comfortable as possible.  Thanks to a job well done!  (Surgical Unit)

Kudos to Nikki and Kayla on night shift on 2 surgical.  Their compassion and expertise along with professionalism made my hospital stay pleasant and comfortable.  Nikki went above and eyond whne she went down and sifted through the trash and not only retrieved $143 in cash but also picked up keys left in pockets.  These two girls are indeed happy with their jobs as it shows in their patient care! (Surgical Unit)

Linda in ER was a truly caring nurse when I had a fall off a ladder.  Her calm and professional manner helped not only me but also my family members through a trying time.  Hats off to a job well done! (ED)

The entire staff was amazing!  My stay here was one of the best I’ve had at a hospital.  Your staff is so caring and thoughtful.  They all had smiles on their faces for me and my family.  My nurses Sandy and Caitlyn were amazing.  I will so recommend your facility to my friends and family. (Surgical Unit)

Shannon and Katelin both did an amazing job taking care of me and helping me through a stressful and crazy day.  I also appreciate the surgical staff for safely bringing my son into the world.  (Womens Center)

It is very reassuring that as a HMC Volunteer, I tell people that we provide the best care possible.  As a surgical patient I experienced just that.  From registration to surgical waiting (Debbie) to pre-op, the attention and care was awesome.  I don’t remember much after but I know Jodi in post-op was extra helpful and attentive.  On surgical floor, all involved were professional and did whatever was asked.  At the risk of singling out and forgetting someone, I must say Alicia (7p-7a) was outstanding.  My surgery required a lot of “drainage” and she never let things go too long.  Now for Dr. Curry and Denise (PA), they could not have been better!  They understood how dramatic cancer and surgery are and their attention to detail was unmatched.  They are the best!  Thanks for everything! (Surgical Unit)

I came by ambulance to the hospital.  I was very sick when I arrived.  This hospital staff is nothing short of the word amazing.  My husband and I wish to thank you all for the excellent care.  We met wonderful staff here!  You’re the best! (Medical Unit)

I just wanna say all staff were so kind and very helpful with my situation, me being here with my daughter and grandkids (twins).  The one person who we’re so grateful for was Julie.  I feel she has gone above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed. I appreciate Julie so much.  Thanks to all staff for such great care. (Medical Unit)

I have to say you have wonderful employees.  All of them were respectful, caring and helpful.  They explained everything I needed to know.  Came promptly when I needed them.  It has been a pleasure to be here at this hospital. (Medical Unit)

Very excellent care.  The younger nurses who were starting their careers about 6 months ago, have really grown into an excellent team.  Everyone on the 3rd floor works so well together.  The communication between the different nurses and PCTs on each shift was excellent.  (Medical Unit)

This is our second child.  We had had exceptional doctor, staff and nurses during both of our child births.  Our anesthesiologist was great about patient care and explaining every detail.  Dr. Hodny and Dr. Buckles are both great.  Our nurses were amazing.  Kalin and Lisa both did an outstanding job and were very helpful with breastfeeding.  Emily, Doris and Carolyn did an outstanding job taking care of us.  We will continue to drive 40 miles one way for the amazing care we get at HaysMed.  Thank you all for the amazing job.  Lisa did an outstanding job explaining and discussing all details of our case.  She was greatly appreciated. (Womens Center)

Everyone was very courteous and the hospitality is amazing.  The stay was very comfortable for all of us and I appreciate that all of my concerns were taken care of.  Love this hospital and staff! (Womens Center)

I am very pleased with the care I have received here.  Every person that has helped me with my care has been very considerate, knowledgeable and quickly available. (CPCU)

I could not be more satisfied with the healthcare I received.  I’m so glad to have come here with my husband for his healthcare.  I could not ask for better service.  Thanks to all the staff for the support I received during this hard time.  To the doctor – thanks so much for the great job!  (CPCU)

Our stay at HaysMed Cardiac Unit was very warm and comforting.  The level of care given was excellent.  We never felt unsecure in the skill of nursing.  The nursing staff was always sincere, patient and caring.  My husband said that having to be here almost “felt like home.”  We cannot say enough good things about the cardiac care unit.  We sincerely hope that staff receive the “kudos” they so rightly deserve.  Also: food ordering and quality was excellent!  (CPCU)

The care I received during my stay here at HMC was excellent.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of nursing people even if I would have picked them myself.  Thanks to everyone!  What a great place to get well in. (CPCU)

All of our nurses were great and my boyfriend got the best patient care I’ve ever seen!  Our nurses Sheila, Patty, Kathy and Sandy were all very sweet and attentive to our needs and always answered all of our questions and concerns.  Barb and Brandell are amazing aides!  A+ girls!  This was the 2nd time he was flown here and even though it was very scary, we knew we were in the best possible cardiac facility.  Thanks to everyone on CPCU that took care of us.  (CPCU)

Everyone here was very professional, helpful, informational and very pleasant and respectful.  You have a great staff!  Thanks you very much for taking care of me.  (CPCU)

My cardiac care was excellent from beginning to end.  Dr. Dobbs met me in the ER room and explained the procedure that he planned to do in the cath unit.  The cath staff was friendly and professional.  After my cath Dr. Dobbs gave me and my family a complete report of the results and his recommendation for future care.  The personnel in the cardiac care unit were professional, friendly and explained meds and answered any questions that I had.  The food was excellent.  I would recommend HaysMed to anyone.  (CPCU)

Devin was really nice and good, a top notch employee.  Fisher and the rest of the staff were great too.  Thanks so much!  (Cath Lab)

Going to the hospital is never a good thing, but I will have to say my experience here has been very good.  Working in healthcare myself I understand and experience things as a worker rather than a patient.  Now, being the patient I must say I am very impressed with this facility.  I was treated with respect and understanding and all the staff gave excellent, professional care.  You have opened my eyes to an exceptional hospital which, if ever needed I would be a patient again without question.  Thank you to all your staff from Drs to dietary – techs, nurses, CNAs and supportive staff.  You are all doing a great job!  Kansas is very lucky to have a facility of this high standards and quality in healthcare.  Keep up the good work and again, thank you so much!  (CPCU)

Everyone at HaysMed is great.  From the receptionist to the nursxes, the therapists, doctors, and even the cleaning – you are all wonderful.  Not only do you show care and concern for the patient but also for the family.  We truly feel at home here.  Keep up the good work! (CPCU)

My husband was a patient in the CPCU for 2 days.  We were so pleased with the quality of care and the warmth and compassion showed by everyone we worked with.  We would particularly like to praise nurses Katelyn, Marcie and Jana who personally walked a tired and frazzled wife (me) to her care at the end of the day.  Thanks to all in the CPCU!!  (CPCU)

Devin and Shawn were courteous and very professional.  They did a good job making me feel at ease and answered questions when asked.  (Cath Lab)

Everyone was great.  They treated my mother with great respect and speedy service.  I appreciate you all.  (Special Nursing Services)

Always had smiles on their faces and asked me how I was doing.  Very respectful – both caregivers I had during my visits.  Very easy for me to understand what they were asking of me to do – so I could get to normal and even better in a feel-good way!  They were always on time and it was a pleasure to come here.  (Outpatient Rehab)

Everyone calls you by name and they treated me with dignity and respect.  (Outpatient Rehab)

These employees are great.  So thoughtful and considerate.  My experience was the best anyone could have!  (Outpatient Rehab)

My nurse Kaitlin did an awesome job at attending to my needs during my visit.  She was very professional at a time that was scary for me, helped me feel calm and very assured my babies and myself would be ok.  (Womens Center)

Dr. Prasad, Mary, Andrea, Melissa, Brenda and Jamie have been excellent!  Very professional and yet personal.  I feel like an important person here.  (Radiation Oncology)

May 2013

This is the most professional and human nursing and assist staff I have ever encountered.  I cannot imagine a finer group of people to be taken care of at a time that seems to be some of the worst times of our lives.  Thank you girls!

None of us want to be in a hospital but the nurses, aides and other supporting staff was very pleasant, friendly, supportive and helpful.  I was very thankful for their help.  The people that I dealt with were “top of the line.”  The food and food service was very good and very accommodating.

The staff was excellent, they helped me every time I needed them.  The nurses were awesome and the doctors were great.  They do their job well and I am 1,000% satisfied.  I was in good hands with them all.

Food service is excellent!  Nurses were friendly, courteous and gave immediate attention.  Everyone and everything was neat and clean.  We would recommend this hospital and staff!

Everyone was totally awesome!  Thank you to all my nurses, aides and doctors who had the patience to put up with me.  Thank you!  I owe you my life!

My father had a heart attack Monday and was admitted to the DeBakey Heart Institute @ HMC.
I lived in Hays until 1997, but now live in Topeka.  After hearing of my dad’s condition I headed to Hays. My children were actually born at the old St. Anthony’s hospital. (now HMC), but I’d not been in the facility for probably twenty years.

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I was with the hospital, and especially the heart institute. That is one, top –notch facility!   ………and the staff there, caring for my father, was superb to match. What a wonderful thing it is for Hays to have such a fine hospital.   I cannot say enough about how well we were treated. Dr. Markiewicz did the procedure and Dr. Davis was the attending physician.   Both were fabulous, but Dr. Davis was so gentle and caring toward my dad.   That meant a lot to all of us.
Our nurses were all wonderful, especially Lacy on the first evening.

Many, many kudos to ALL.

April 2013

We are very happy with the care we received at HaysMed.  He required a lot of assistance and no one ever made him feel like he was wasting their time or being a bother.  Thank you very much.” (Inpatient Rehab)

I never had a bad experience at all, everybody was awesome.  I was on the second floor, the nurses and their aids were great.  I felt like they cared as if I was one of their family members, I felt like a person instead of a number.  Everybody spoke to you, even in the halls when I was walking.  A great place to be when you have something done.  Thank you.  (Surgical Unit)

During my stay, I have had the most wonderful help and was taken very well care of.  Your staff are wonderful and work very hard.  All of the nurses, PCTs, students, doctors are great.  Thank you for everything!  (Women’s Center)

I feel that the nurses and PCTs all did an excellent job caring for me.  I would like to put in a good word for Joyce and Ross with the physical therapy work.  They really showed that they cared and they were fun to be around and to visit with.  Thank you all very much.  (Surgical Unit)

Been here with my father for over a week.  Excellent medical staff, especially Dr. Bed and Dr. Brenda.  Great nursing staff, feel like they are part of our family.  Ginny, Melody, Malorie, and Sarah are the greatest.  It takes special people to provide this type of service day and night with challenging patients and still show compassion and caring.  These people are an invaluable asset to your hospital.  Please convey our thanks to them! (Surgical Unit)

As the roles reversed and I was a patient instead of a nurse on the medical floor, I was extremely pleased with my care.  Pain was controlled and they did everything they could to keep me comfortable.  I felt right at home with everyone, but realized just how awesome of nurses and PCTs are on this floor.  HMC is so very lucky to have such caring people working for them.  I personally would rather be working than be a patient but I would definitely come back and tell everyone how wonderful our group (family) is on this floor.  I appreciated everyone’s help and lover while caring for me.  Thanks to Dr. Kamoga and MaryJo for excellent care also.  Everyone treated me as if I was family.  Thank You!
(Medical Unit)

Day shift was very attentive to my discharge needs.  Absolutely love the new cafeteria menu.  Being able to choose foods and when I called they were very friendly and professional.  Overall, thank you for treated me as family and a human being. (Medical Unit)

Nurse Jessica was very helpful with my labor and delivery!  She really helped me get through my contractions.  And nurse Leann was really kind and helpful. (Women’s Center)

I have been here before and everybody was exceptional.  The nurses and doctors are fantastic.  Excellent care, great personalities, excellent food and service. (CPCU)

The staff were wonderful.  No surgery situation is stress-free but the staff here maintains professionalism while helping your smile.  Thank You Jana and everyone who took care of me and the kindness you all showed me will never be forgotten. (CPCU)

Mom has had excellent care while in the hospital.  She and I are very satisfied with her care.  Andy, Lacy, and Barb were so nice and did such a wonderful job and showed such care and concern.  Thank you so much.  Also, Dr. Markiewicz did a great job and was good to explain the procedure.  We hold high praise for him, along with his staff.  (CPCU)

We came in and were immediately taken care of.  Everyone did a wonderful job answering questions and keeping us informed.  We were taken from the Emergency Room to the care room very promptly.  Thank you to all the staff that helped and had a part in my care giving.  You all did a wonderful job. (CPCU)

Dr. Cook is awesome! (Medical Specialists)

The service I received was great.  Connie got me an appointment right away and both nurses were so thoughtful.  The doctor took time with me and I can’t complain at all.  Thank you all.  (Pain Clinic)

We are so lucky to have the best Breast Care Center! (Breast Care Center)

March 2013

Carissa was wonderful during my pregnancy ultrasounds.  She has performed 3 scans and each time has been great at explaining and answering our questions, as well as just having a positive attitude and being genuinely friendly. (Sonography)

Cheryl, the admissions nurse was very helpful.  All the ER staff was wonderful.  We had exceptional communication with both doctors… Dr. Schultz and the anesthesiologist.  On the patient room floor, all staff was very attentive. (Surgical)

Your aids and nurses here make it a great place to stay.  They all have beautiful smiles and are willing to help you with anything.  I’ve been in a lot of hospitals the last couple of years and this is the best hospital of all.  Thank you all. (CPCU)

My brother has been a patient at HaysMed on two occasions.  Both admissions have been lengthy due to the nature of his illness.  On both admissions, he has needed a PICC line for extended IV access.  Jeanette has inserted the PICC line.  She is an exceptional nurse!  She is skilled in her profession, kind, caring, dedicated!  She motivates patients to strive for wellness.  Jeanette is a true professional, a class act! (Surgical Unit)

My stay at the Hays Medical Center has been the best, exceptional in all departments. Dr. Auberreish kept me informed, he always had time to discuss all my medical needs.  Nurses were very professional and I will continue to recommend HMC to all my friends.  It’s definitely the place to go for all your medical needs.
(Medical Unit)

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what an exceptional employee you have in Danna (Case Manager).  Danna has been very active in supporting my brother and our family during his surgery and stay at HaysMed.  She has always kept us informed in terms of what to expect before and after surgery and after release from the hospital.  She has informed us of our options at all times.  Having Danna here for support and information has been helpful to all of us beyond description.  She is my buddy. (Surgical Unit)

I love how the rooms are decorated; makes me feel pampered and special.  All of the staff are great but Nicole is one of the nicest and sweetest people I have ever met.  I don’t mind the drive knowing she is there.  (Breast Care Center)

Me and my family have received amazing support and care.  Every person we have worked with has been amazing.  We have had an emergency breech c-section baby.  We showed up on Thursday night in quite a rush.  They had baby delivered within 45 minutes of us showing up.  We are now both healthy and hopefully going home soon.  The nurses and doctors have been amazing.  Thanks for bringing my little girl safely into the world.  RNs Jill and Kate were amazing as well as Dr. Pope and Dr. Lloyd. (Women’s Center)

Our overall experience at the hospital has been wonderful.  Dr. Fort impressed us at every turn and has been amazing throughout the entire pregnancy!  Susan was over the top when it came to helping see our needs with breastfeeding and encouraging us to stay positive and keep on pumping!  Kaitlin made our evenings super peaceful and was a major blessing throughout the night!  The NICU nurses have been there through our entire stressful experience and have more than met our expectations.  I felt like our son was king.  They were extremely knowledgeable and helped keep us calm.  You have put together an amazing team of nursese and staff. (Women’s Center)

My personal nurses were Sheila and Leitha.  Both were very caring and compassionate.  Very cheerful, met all my needs and kept me comfortable.  Being in a hospital is not where one wants to be but what a difference good staff makes.  They did not feel like strangers and I love people anyway.  Accommodations were nice.  (CPCU)

My stay here has been exceptionally pleasant.  All nurses and aides have been on the ball and helped at every call.  They all have been friendly and courteous.  Thanks to Stephanie and Brian the nurses on my stay for a job well done.  (CPCU)

Laci, Shannon, Allison and Barb are the people that I remember names.  I received the best care – everyone I have encountered was great.  I have dealt with other hospitals nurses and doctors and this by far was a wonderful experience and the utmost professional and best care.  I would highly recommend the hospital to everyone.  Thank you for taking such good care of me. (CPCU)

We always choose to come to your medical center because you have caring and helpful workers.  We always have good comments on your facility and nurses and doctors. (CPCU)

I have had Ross help me on OT while staying here.  He has gone to the extreme in helping me out and I have learned a lot from him.  He’s a great guy and a good therapist and he really cares for oneself.  He knows what he is doing, takes his time and doesn’t criticize you if you can’t do it very well.  He will teach you.  So my hat is off to Ross.  I’m glad I got to know him as a person and as a friend.  (Inpatient PT/OT)

Lisa took the time to go over all my labwork and explain in a way I could understand.  Noone has ever done that before.  Thank You!  (HFM)

These ladies stayed late to help me and are very personable.  Erna and Karen attended to me like I was the most important person of the day! (HFM)

I have had several trips to the ER and have seen several doctors recently and none of those visits were as good as the one I had experienced here.  Brenda and Dr. Green were both very amazing.  (Pain Clinic)

Everyone did a nice job and went out of their way to work around scheduling during bad weather.  (Radiation Oncology)

Andrea and Melissa were always friendly and caring which made a difficult time easier.  Brenda always greeted me with a friendly smile.  Stephanie was very helpful with my paperwork.  (Radiation Oncology)