March 2016

The entire staff from when I check in on Wed to when I checked out was phenomenal. Their professionalism was above reproach and should be what all hospitals should strive to do. Even when I have to be woke up in the middle of the night, they always put me and my family first. I believe other hospitals need to visit this institution and learn how to be the best. Thank you for everything you did for me and my family.

Everyone that we came into contact with on our unexpected stop in Hays treated my father and all of us very compassionately and were very prompt in responding to his needs. All staff are to be commended…from the ER staff, admissions, physical, occupations and speech and respiratory staff all the way to the care coordinators, discharge planners. Special kudos to Anissa, crystal, Cory and all the aides who took care of dad. Thank you HaysMed! You are the best!

This is the very best hospital every! The entire staff took outstanding care of my father after his stroke. Response time was incredible! On a scale of 1 to 10 you get a 1000! Thank you so much.

February 2016

The entire nursing staff and the doctors were wonderful. I found the nursing staff caring, very attentive, friendly and always happy. The doctors were very educated and caring also. I felt comfortable. I would choose HaysMed overall!

Nurses and Dr. were very informative and kept us up to date on everything happening. Very caring and looked out for his well being. Aides were also very accommodating and caring and helpful. Very positive experience

The doctor was great. The nurses were great and thoughtful. The meals were very good and the dieticians helped me greatly on what to eat (I’m a diabetic). The facility was wonderful and clean. Overall I was very impressed. (My wife was here over 7 years ago and we got excellent care then)

I was in the hospital for approximately 10 days. I received outstanding care from Dr. Thapa, Dr. Katwal, Dr. Ashworth, Mary Jo, Dr. Reznick, Lesa, all else I forgot to mention. Your facility is top notch! I thank God Dr. Ashworth was available to perform my surgery. She is amazing! I am so thankful for May Jo! The woman has a heart of gold! She is an outstanding health care provider. I would not be here today writing this if not for all the healthcare providers pulling together as a team to get me on the road to recover. I love them all and they all hold a special place in my heart. God Bless each of them!! Thank you.

I had a great experience in Hays. Everyone was awesome. They treated me well and took great care of me while there. I have had the unfortunate opportunity to be there more than I have wanted, each time I have had excellent care. I just want to thank all the doctors and staff that took care of me

Everyone was amazing and kind. So glad I was brought here. Feel so much better. Very caring – EVERYONE I came in contact with.

January 2016

Everyone has been wonderful.  Almost don’t want to leave.

The nurses, doctors, therapists have all been so wonderful since the moment we walked through the front doors.  We could not have asked for better care.  The amount of personality and hospitality blew all of our expectations out of the water.  HaysMed is wonderful.  PS…Nurses aids were so much fun and did a stellar job for us

All the nurses have been real friendly and helpful and give me the best care I could get going forward so I can go home.

The visit to your hospital has been amazing.  All of the staff from doctors down to nurses, OT, PT, and everyone has been fantastic.  I’m pretty sure you may have the best staff of anyone hospital in the nation.  Everyone I’ve had contact with has been kind, caring and very helpful.  My recovery from hip surgery has been better than I could expect.  Partially because of your wonderful staff.

I had very good care.  I had good food.  HaysMed has very good nurses.

The care I received at HMC was wonderful!  From the docs, nurses, CMTs and CNAs, as well as housekeeping.  I was always cared for with respect and kindness. (No matter how many other patients the nurses had to take care of)  The caring staff made an otherwise awful experience a good one!  I wish I could thank them all individually.

Always so helpful and thoughtful!  Very caring!  Thank you all so much!