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June 2015

My husband said the entire staff here at Hays Medical has been excellent. They were all super friendly and took great care of him. He appreciated all of the expert knowledge of everybody. He said his care was the best. Thank you for everything.

My mother was admitted through the emergency room. On staff were Dr. Long and Heather. Both provided incredible care. They were kind and compassionate. They kept us informed and provided the necessary information. She was admitted for gallbladder surgery. On 2nd floor, staff went above and beyond. They include Lauree RN, Eric, Gayla RN, and Jessica RN. Cheryl Werth transported my mother to surgery. She made my mother feel comfortable, cared for and when my mom wanted to take her rosary with her, Cheryl made it happen and delivered it to us in the surgery waiting room. You are lucky to have an employee like Cheryl. Thanks so much! Also, Dr. Teget is the best! Not many surgeons have the bedside manner that Dr. Teget has. We were impressed with his knowledge and how he relayed it to us non-medical folks. Melanie Zeller in housekeeping remembered my mom’s name and made her feel at home. Room was spotless and made sure it was done efficiently and quickly. Thanks Melanie! Nurse Practitioner Paul related very well to my mom. He is very good at his job. You can tell he loves his job!

We thought everyone here was so kind, polite, and considerate. We couldn’t have asked for better care for our husband/dad and we were treated very well as the family. Thank you.

You guys do a great job. We’ve done PT and OT therapy in other places, but your people are better. We wanted to stay in this facility because of all the care we get. Keep up the good work.

We have been very impressed with your staff, the facility, and the care Dad has received. Your people are knowledgeable and caring as well as pleasant to be around. There were two individuals that we had the most contact with that worked with us to make Dad comfortable. One nurse was Todd Brungardt and the other nurse was Joye. I am sorry I can’t give you her last name, but please look it up.

May 2015

I have been very pleased and satisfied with the staff that I have interacted with. The food was excellent. The staff was professional, pleasant, and understanding. Procedures were explained well so that I understood.

Thanks to all of the staff that cared for my husband. Everyone was great! HaysMed employees are excellent and very caring. We did not have one bad experience. Thank you!

Hays Medical Center is the best facility in the nation! Every single person that entered my room, 2207, was kind, caring, and considerate! Keep up the good work!

It would be remiss to single out one staff member for outstanding care. Every person we dealt with was exceptionally outstanding. We only have praise for Hays Medical Center. Thanks to all for their help, advice, and professionalism.

We are totally pleased with the services. We’ve been in several hospitals and you are much better than any of them. I would definitely recommend your facility. The nurses answer the light immediately, which is wonderful. After having had experiences at other hospitals it was great service here. Thanks to you all.

We are so pleased with all the excellent care we both have received. The communication to us has been excellent. Thanks for the ratio of staff to patient. In other places we have felt we had to take care of ourselves. Facility is in top shape. Exceptional care was given by Darleen, Crystal, 2nd floor, DeBakey, Joye, Dr. Ashworth, Liza K. and the ICU unit.

We appreciate this hospital and staff. Everyone has been very kind, caring and helpful to us. The nurses and doctors are very caring and they do their jobs in a professional, caring way. We sincerely thank everyone who works at this hospital. We choose Hays Medical Center in Hays, KS. The facilities care, and staff are very good. Thank you!

April 2015

The care and the professionalism is unequalled to anywhere. I would not even think of going to another hospital. In fact, this facility should be used as a model of perfection

I think everything was great! I think your staff and facility is great. The staff is knowledgeable and courteous. The facility is clean. Awesome place to be! I would recommend this facility to my friends. The staff members who worked were awesome.

Since I was an emergency patient I really didn’t pick Hays Medical for my stroke, but I am glad I ended up here. Everyone has been helpful and supportive throughout my stay. I can’t think of anything I would change about this hospital. All I really can say is keep up the excellent work.

This is the second time in 2015 that I have been at HaysMed. Both times I have gotten very, very good care by everyone. Thanks to everyone who cared for me from the cleaning staff to the surgeons. I would highly recommend HaysMed.

My second stay at HaysMed. I was impressed the first time and again this time. The people were efficient in their work, always pleasant and tried to make me comfortable. My stay was relatively short so remember the last nurse that tended me.  Katelyn, pleasant, efficient, and accommodating. Above applies to most of the caregivers. I don’t recall their names. I remember the name of the last nurse I had.

Received excellent care in all departments.  Would recommend this hospital and staff to anyone, anywhere. Thanks so much for all the heated blankets and the cod fish was so very tasty and cooked to perfection. Everyone was so friendly and jolly natured. The phone call to my husband was above and beyond duty! Thanks so very much.

I wanted you to know from the moment I was put on the life flight until my dismissal that I received the most excellent care from every single person I came in contact with. I was made comfortable and informed which stopped the fear factor that we patients get. Everyone took the time to explain what was going on and what I needed to do to help maintain my health. I am so grateful that your staff was always considerate of my feelings and comfort. They have all showed me the path I need to be on to stay active and involved in my health. I can never express how each person helped me. I would like to hug the whole hospital and say thank you for my life if I should ever need to be at the hospital again, I hope it is here. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care and concern.

The care and the professionalism is unequalled to anywhere. I would not even think of going to another hospital. In fact, this facility should be used as a model of perfection.

Every single nurse and aid were very kind, helpful, and friendly.  Couldn’t have been a better place to be.  Also food was good.

My stay at Hays Medical Center was once again exceptional. My first was two years ago. Every person that walked into my room went above and beyond. I’ve tried to list them all, as I am grateful to each: JeNeal, Jason, Jordan, Brian (lab), Sherry (pre-op), Katrina, Lydia, Connie, Alyssa, Payton, Whitney PCT, Phyllis and Kristie from housekeeping, Kristen and Brooke the nursing students, Tina, Amy Glover, Kinsey, Laura, Robyn, Allison OT, Jennifer PT, Katie PT. a huge thank you to you all. Keep doing what you’re doing. It works! My apologies if anyone was omitted. Of course, the best, Dr. Lee!  Kitchen staff and food were awesome.

Dr. Patel, Chelsea, and Regan: Thank you so much for the above and beyond care. You made my girlfriend’s and my visit not seem like a typical hospital stay, but like I was at home and surrounded by people who really care. I look forward to coming to this hospital for future care. God bless you all and thank you.

I was recently in the hospital for a week after surgery. The nurses were amazing. One that stood out at night was Tina. Great with calming my fears and making me feel good. Also liked Jade’s service. When she wasn’t my nurse, still came in before her schedule to check on me to see how I was doing. A day nurse that went above and beyond was Kinsey. On St. Pat’s day I told her I always ate corned beef and cabbage. She went to the cafeteria and brought me my lunch that day of corned beef and cabbage. Wow! I was very impressed by her care for me.

Continue to employ staff of the same caliber as you have now! I have never enjoyed time in a hospital, but your staff and care of their patients makes this hospital very elite! Keep up the great work and thank you! Debbie and especially Abby made this surgery the best experience it could possibly have been. God bless you and your care for your patients.

Doctors Manoj and Anaya are absolutely fantastic! My mother was in the hospital. They are the most caring doctors! I really liked how they explained everything to a person. I don’t know where to start with the nurses. You are a very fortunate hospital to have such professional caring nurses. I don’t know how all of them you hired could be so wonderful! I cannot say enough good about your doctors and nurses. I would also like to add that three days after mom was released she had to go by ambulance to another facility. The doctors at Hays felt that facility would be more capable of caring for mom. The doctor from that facility should take lessons from Hays. He has a lot to learn about caring. The nurses were very good there also. I really appreciated how you guys all consulted with each other and knew what was going on. Thank you.

On behalf of myself and my family, we would highly recommend HaysMed. We got excellent care and friendly service here. I had 5 bypass surgery. We are very grateful to Dr. Ashworth for saving my life and her staff. The nurses in the ICU and Cardiac ward were great and kind. In fact, my wife said everyone from the cleaning staff, cafeteria, and others on duty were very polite and helpful.

March 2015

The staff at the Hays Medical Center is the best. This is where you need to be when you have a problem. My wife and I could not ask for more. We both thank you very, very much for all your help

I was very satisfied with everything and everyone here. I had the upmost care and everyone was very friendly and professional. All the nurses were great and bent over backwards to take care of me. Dr. Janif is the greatest. He is a true professional and has the best bedside manner I’ve ever experienced. Thank you everyone. Your facilities are fantastic!

Autumn were superb! Nursing staff was superb! Food was great. Maintenance was great. Administrative was great. I really appreciate the fine care.

The staff at the Hays Medical Center is the best. This is where you need to be when you have a problem. My wife and I could not ask for more. We both thank you very, very much for all your help.

I have been in this hospital several times and each time I’ve been treated with loving care. The nursing staff are professional, well trained and very polite and cordial.

The care has been super. All the workers were careful and helpful. I appreciate the care and concern of the cardiology nurse as well as those who did the testing plus the follow up appointments. Hays is fortunate to have access to your facilities and individuals who care for even this old almost 86 year old lady!

There are many impressive points about your hospital. It is very clean and well maintained. The staff is very helpful and attentive. Mostly though the nurses are amazing. When I would call for a nurse, there was one there within a minute or two, no matter what time of the day or night. They were genuine and caring and I would not be able to say enough nice things about them. This is the best care I have received in any hospital in 30 years.

My visit here at Hays was very good. All the nurses were very nice. Nick, Barb, Chris, Susie, and Cristine were very good people to me. I like Hays Medical Center. There a lot of nice people here.