Building Decor

The Healthcare 2000 Interior Design Concept is a Northwest Kansas motif which is used in the design concept for the decor and furnishings of Hays Medical Center. Native limestone boulders are combined in a two story atrium entrance composition incorporating a waterfall and plantings. Colors and textures indigenous of the area are used throughout. The five horizontal bands of the wall covering repeat the limestone strata.

Art Collection Selection Process

The Visual Arts Committee follows established the guidelines to select the art. Only well established professional Kansas artists qualify for consideration. Included in the Art Collection are paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and fabrics. Currently, twenty-two Governor’s Artists Award winners are represented.

The Hadley Foundation Art Collection received the Governor’s Award for Art Patron in 1994. The Hays Arts Council recommendation noted the overall commitment of the Hadley Foundation to support and purchase of art. The Governor’s Award acknowledges the importance of the Art Collection within Hays Medical Center and also that Hays Medical Center has become a major repository of work by Kansas artists.

National health organizations encourage and support the integration of “the arts” into the healing process. Indeed the Hadley Foundation Art Collection pioneered the concept of utilizing original art in a health care institution. The Art Collection recognizes the therapeutic value as well as the aesthetic enrichment of the visual arts for Hays Medical Center. Because health is both physical and mental well being, creating an atmosphere which enhances that spirit is an essential aspect of Hays Medical Center.