(The Art Tour begins in the main entrance of Hays Medical Center.)

The Arts and the Healing Process

Optimal health includes both the physical and mental well being. The Hadley foundation Art Collection is a pioneer in recognizing the aesthetic and therapeutic enrichment of the visual arts in a healthcare setting. That realization has been the historical basis and the focus of the Healthcare 2000 Interior Design Concept. National health organizations encourage and support the integration of “the Arts” into the healing process as it has existed for years at Hays Medical Center.

Therapeutic Value

The aesthetic value of the Art Collection was the initial goal. However, that goal was achieved and surpassed by the realization of the additional therapeutic value it offers to patients, families, visitors and associates. Stroke patients who have particular difficulty with initiation of spontaneous speech, or with unilateral neglect of one side or the other, respond well when introduced to the variety of displayed art work. It has proved to “soothe the soul” and provide comfort during difficult situations. Family members can relieve stress by reflecting on the art work displayed in the halls. Visitors remark upon the impressive variety, quality and added dimension that the Art Collection adds to the Hays Medical Center experience. Hays Medical Center associates refer to the Art Collection with pride and often develop “ownership” of favorite pieces. Administration receives favorable comments on a regular basis and includes the art tour for visiting dignitaries.