General Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is the most advanced form of minimally invasive surgery available today.  HaysMed is the only hospital in Western Kansas that offers the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System to treat general surgery health conditions. For those patients who don’t quality for robotic surgery we provide laparoscopic surgery options.

How da Vinci® works

Through a high-tech control module,  surgeons move miniaturized operating instruments that allow for extremely precise movements.

Types & Advantages of Robotic Surgeries

Biliary Surgery

*Cholecystectomy – Gallbladder (Including Single-SitedaVinci® gallbladder surgery)

Foregut Surgery

*Heller Myotomy
*Different types of anti-reflux procedures with Fundoplication
*Paraesophageal Hernia Repair
*Hernia Repair

Bowel Resection

*Small Bowel



Solid Organ


Smaller incisions which can result in:

*Less blood loss
*Less pain
*Reduced risk of infection
*Shorter hospital stay
*Quicker recovery and return to regular activity
*Less scarring

Talk to your Doctor about Robotic Surgery
Not all patients are candidates for robotic surgery.  To find out if you might be a candidate for this surgery, please talk to your doctor or call 785-623-5945.

Da Vinci Surgical Precision

General Robotic Surgery Physicians

Zurab Tsereteli, MD

Zurab Tsereteli, MD

Bariatrics, General Surgery, Wound Center
Charles Schultz, MD

Charles Schultz, MD

General Surgery
Jerod M. Grove, MD

Jerod M. Grove, MD

General Surgery