Taking care of your employee’s health …one step at a time

MINIMIZE your healthcare costs ENCOURAGE positive health REDUCE employee absenteeism

Successful businesses have realized the benefit of employee health and fitness programs. Industry leaders have seen three to five times their investment costs returned in increased productivity, reduced sick time, reductions in on the job injuries, employee turnover, workers compensation and health care insurance costs.

The Center for Health Improvement’s WorkingWell Corporate Wellness Program is a comprehensive program that includes fitness programs, Monthly Challenges,WorkSMART services, and Industrial Rehabilitation. WorkingWell is a cost effective wellness program for employees in Hays and the surrounding areas.

By being a Member of the WorkingWell Corporate Wellness Program at the Center for Health Improvement, your business will have the opportunity to strengthen or develop Wellness Programs that create a healthier workplace environment. The WorkingWell foundation focuses on physical activity, nutrition, mental health and stress management, chronic diseases, and tobacco resources.  The WorkingWell Corporate Wellness Program has more to offer, please contact the Corporate Wellness Coordinator.

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    Sam Gottschalk

    Sam Gottschalk

    Group Fitness, LiveWell, Personal Training


    HaysMed along with other business in Hays belong to a local coalition of WorkWell KS, an initiative aimed at improving the heath of Kansas worksites. WorkWell KS is an opportunity for businesses to strengthen or develop wellness programs that have the capacity to change the overall well-being of the organization.  This initiative also provides an opportunity for communities and businesses across the state to connect.   If you are interested in learning more about this initiative for your business contact Samantha Horacek to learn more about this program or visit their website at www.workwellks.com.