All employees encouraged to participate!

All business See who can get the most steps during the WorkingWell Weekly Hustle. The WorkingWell Weekly Hustle runs the first week of every Month (i.e. Nov 30th – Dec 6th, Jan 4th – Jan. 10th). The challenge will run Monday through Sunday. You will have until 12:00p.m. on the following Monday to log your information.

*You can join the WorkingWell Weekly Hustle at the beginning of any Month.

* Any type of activity tracker will work for this challenge (i.e. pedometer, FitBit, Garmin, etc.)

* In the WorkingWell Weekly Hustle Challenge you will be competing against other Business that have a Corporate Membership at The Center for Health Improvement.

The individual with the most steps during the WorkingWell Weekly Hustle will receive a gift from The Center for Health Improvement .


Average Daily Steps

Sedentary Lifestyle (no activity) Below 6,000 steps
Light Activity 6,001 – 9,000 steps
Moderate Activity 9,001 – 11,000 steps
High Activity 11,001 and above

If you have any questions, please contact:
Samantha Horacek at or 785.623-6341