What is LiveWell?

This twelve week exercise program is designed for people living with diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart or Vessel Disease, Heart Failure, and/or Obesity. Working with your doctor, our fitness team designs a safe and effective exercise plan to meet your needs. Along with exercise, the program gives you the knowledge and tools you need to live as healthy a life as possible.

What to Expect

Entry into LiveWell requires referral from your doctor. The program consists of two staff guided workouts per week for 12 weeks along with optional home workouts. These training sessions include exercises to improve your fitness, strength and flexibility. Each participant may also receive a consult about their eating habits and healthy diet choices. Opportunities for learning include classes about healthy cooking/eating, stress management, coping with long term health conditions, and more.

Dates and Fees

LiveWell is not commonly covered by insurance plans but is offered at a cost of a little over $1.25 per day ($80 for 12 weeks). Sessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Center for Health Improvement. Upon completion of the twelve week program, participants who wish to continue to exercise at The Center for Health Improvement can sign up for membership with a waived health enrollment fee.

Adding exercise to a complex health issue such as diabetes can be daunting. Finding a safe environment to begin is essential and guidance from experts in the field can provide direction and ease anxiety. Benefits of long term exercise may include:

Improved use of insulin by the body
Burn excess body fat, improved insulin sensitivity
Help decrease and control weight
Improve muscle strength
Lower blood pressure
Reduced risk of cardiac disease
Increased energy level
Relieves stress
Improved sleep

Diabetes is a disease process you have a great deal of control over. Your everyday decisions can make a huge impact on the outcome and severity of your diabetes.

Regular Exercise is a key component to managing heart disease. Engaging in a supervised program can help reduce symptoms like shortness of breath and fatigue that affect a person’s daily life. Some additional benefits may include:

Increased efficiency of heart and lungs
Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
Decreased number of hospital readmissions
Decreased mobility of aging or reversing the aging process
Improved sleep
Improved energy
Relieve stress

Research confirms that exercise offers the following benefits to those undergoing treatment:

Reduce nausea
Reduce fatigue
Increases tolerance to chemotherapy drugs
Improved body image
Decreased pain levels
Elevates mood
Increased energy level
Relieves stress
Improves sleep

Most notably, it provides a way for cancer survivors to be an active participant in their own treatment and recovery.

“Early studies show promise that exercise may alleviate common side effects of treatment and also may play a role in prevention of recurrence. Patients report they feel stronger and they play an active role in their recovery process”

-January Fields, MD, Oncologist HaysMed Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute

Establishing a safe, tailored activity program may be one of the most important factors in maintaining weight loss. This supervised exercise program allows access to experts who can tailor a program to meet the needs of the individual. Benefits from regular exercise include:

Increased energy level
Boost Metabolism
Tighten loose skin caused by rapid weight loss
Decreased risk of cardiac disease
Lower blood pressure
Enhance immune system and strengthen bones
Relieves stress
Improved sleep

Meet the LiveWell Staff

Kelly Flaska

Kelly Flaska

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Sam Gottschalk

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Lauren Gerard

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