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Monday – Thursday 7am – 6pm
Friday 7am – 4:30 pm

Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

Outpatient rehabilitation occupies roughly 8,000 square feet of The Center for Health Improvement. This area is designed to provide our patients with the highest quality equipment and space. The department also features state of the art equipment to meet the needs of any patients, including:

  • Private and Semi-Private treatment rooms.
  • Handicapped-accessible equipment
  • Treatment gym includes treatment tables, bikes, recumbent bikes, upper body bikes, treadmills, NuStep, Elliptical,  resistance training equipment, and balance training equipment.
  • Biodex treatment equipment room- Isokinetic system useful in performing strength assessments, strength training, isometric training, and range of motion stretching.
  • Traction treatment room – A private treatment room for cervical and pelvic mechanical traction.
  • Activities of Daily Living treatment room- Designed to allow patient to practice the skills they may need to function independently at home.
  • Low Vision/Neuro treatment room– A private treatment room allowing limited distractions to assist patients in focusing on tasking to improve recovery.
  • FCA/JPA treatment room- Used to determine return to work status of injured clients and as a pre-employment screen to assess a potential worker’s ability to meet their job demands.
  • Balance Master treatment room- Houses the state of the art Smart Balance Master. Developed by NASA to assist astronauts in reaclimating to earth’s gravity. The Balance Master is now available for use in the retraining of balance and vestibular systems using specialized computer technology.
  • Hand care room – Treatment with custom-fit, comfortable hand/finger/elbow splints to improve range of motion and protect joints. Fluidotherapy is available for gentle and effective dry heat to progress stretching and flexibility of joints.
  • Basketball gymnasium- Used for progressing patient back to sports / recreational activities while under rehabilitation supervision.
  • Aquatic Rehabilitation using 2 pools-
    • Lap Pool- Competition size pool ranging in depth from 4′ to 5’6″ used for high level patients
    • Therapy pool- Smaller pool with depth from 3’6″ to 4’6″. The water temperature is warmer (92 degrees) to promote relaxation and provide a more comfortable environment for exercise.