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Monday – Thursday 7am – 6pm
Friday 7am – 4:30 pm

Hand Care Center

The Hand Care Center is devoted to giving patients the best personalized, custom care possible, by assisting them with any or all of the following areas: non-operative, pre-operative, and post operative care to assisting them back to their everyday lifestyles, sporting activities and occupations.

Once you have been referred to the Hand Care Center, you will be treated by a competent and caring staff who will provide treatment and education of diagnoses of the upper extremity.

The patient, with the therapist’s supervision and guidance, will set the goals he/she would like to accomplish during therapy. The therapist then creates a customized plan of care which the patient will try to complete, helping them in meeting their goals. This will be facilitated through in-therapy exercise, use of modalities and with splinting when appropriate. In order for the patient to maximize their therapeutic gains, they will need to have full commitment in completion of their home exercise program, have good compliance with all guidelines, precautions, and limitations issued by the physician or therapist. The patient needs to understand even though many injuries are similar and grouped under a specific diagnosis, the injuries themselves are different due to the following reasons; severity of the injury, healing time, patient compliance, therapeutic services received, surgical procedure performed, co-morbidity, past medical history and many other variables. The primary role of the therapist is to help people help themselves get better.