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LSVT BIG Program:

What is LSVT BIG?
LSVT BIG is a research-based protocol designed to target the challenges that individuals with Parkinsons Disease face in the daily lives. LSVT stands for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment which was first developed in 1987 to 1989 at the Lee Silverman Center for Parkinson’s in Scottdale Arizona as a speech therapy treatment. They had excellent results and then applied the same concept to physical activities. The LSVT Big was then developed and has been researched by the Michael J Fox Foundation and the NIH to enhance this research and evidence-based treatment protocol. This treatment technique is used globally now.

What to expect with LSVT BIG Treatment?
This program is an intensive program that consists of being seen in the clinic 4 times per week for 4 weeks. There are 7 basic exercises that everyone completes with their treatment and in their home exercise program. There are 5 basic tasks that are geared towards the problems that are most concerning to you and then an overall goal to improve a functional task. Each treatment program is designed specifically for you based on your current status, needs and goals.

Who would benefit from LSVT BIG Treatment?
Any level of patient with Parkinson’s disease is appropriate for therapy as we can adapt the treatment to your current status. The earlier in your disease process the better. These are tools that you can use as the disease progresses to keep you moving. Sometimes you may need a refresher course and may benefit from being seen again in a year to two or 4 to 6 months depending on your staging and your progression.

What can improve with LSVT BIG?
LSVT BIG protocol focuses on amplitude of movement or how BIG you can move. Mobility can be improved such as walking speed, walking pattern, ease of transfers such as sitting and standing, bed mobility, ability to walk in narrow environments and to walk through doorways with less freezing. Activities of daily living can also improve such as dressing, bathing, buttoning, cutting, eating, and writing to name a few. The other thing that can improve if your fluidity of movement and your balance. The great thing about this program is that it is tailored to you.